Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Boys Check In With The City Commission, Local Fashon Blogs, and Love Garden Records!

Our city fathers have been hard at work for a year drafting an ordinance to set out the official rules and restrictions regarding "urban chicken" ownership, and an editorial in yesterday's LJ-World helpfully explains things to the layman, including lines such as:

"...some people had wanted to allow male chickens up to a year old. The ordinance says “no;” it’s too hard to monitor the age of a chicken."

Richard: "I've been a very vocal opponent of urban chickens because I think they are very stupid and dirty birds but, with the City Commission, you win some and you lose some. At least I'm allowed to own a hedgehog and, with any luck, my little hoggy will grow some big that he might 'accidentally' get loose and eat some of these annoying local chickens."


One of our favorite recent activities is to check in with Katy Seib.l's local blog Kansas Couture (www.kansascouture.com), look at a picture, and then make some nearly-nonsensical sexual innuendoes which we imagine she'd actually find very charming, if she ever sees this blog.

One of her recent posts involves "rompers" (what's a romper, exactly, and are they fashionable? we need Beth to provide such answers!).

Here is Katy describing her new romper:

"...it has an adorable bow detail! I kept this look super simple with an edgy studded belt to tone down the cutesy factor and cuffed suede ankle boots."

Chip: "I'd like to romp with her, if you catch my meaning!"

Richard: "I'd play a few rounds of Romper Room."


Love Garden Records, of course, is a Larryville institution, but what's life going to be like now that it's moving? (one block down to 8th and Mass). Here's a peek at the exterior of the new location, which will open this fall.

Richard: "I suppose the hipsters will eventually grow accustomed to the change, but I worry about the cats. Those kitties just seem so cozy in the upstairs location."


Anonymous said...

A romper is a one-piece outfit... like overalls, but short.

I too worry about the Love Garden Cats in their new location!


Dr. Candelaria said...

Rompers were supposedly going to be "in" this year, especially in light colors like white or the pale blue. In the Spring, they were all over the fashion news.

Fortunately, though, that seemed to fizzle out. It's the rare romper that merits being worn by anyone aged three or more.

Billy the Squid said...

What're they gonna do about the mosaic at the foot of the stairs?

the innuendoes continue said...

But does this chick manage to pull off the romper look?

(Chip: "I'd pull it off, if you catch my drift!").

There are signs up at the foot of the stairs explaining the logistics of the move, but no info on mosaics and kitties!

nog said...

Dr. C, I still think you need to submit a special guest fashion column sometime!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the PBR "sixpack abs" tattoo on Look at this Fucking Hipster? Hilarious.


glenn frey said...

Does she pull off the look? Yes, in staged photos. Eating a burrito or walking her dog? Hell no. Linda Rondstadt called from 1974. She wants her look back.

latfh said...

I haven't visited LATFH in awhile, but I shall do so right now!

(Chip: "I'd love to watch her lick a burrito).