Saturday, July 25, 2009

Larryville Gets Paranormal! / Plus, This Weekend's Rap Pick

Larryville has played host to paranormal investigators before, at the notoriously haunted Eldridge, but tonight an intrepid team of ghost hunters will visit the Sigma Nu fraternity house in an attempt to discover its legendary ghost, Virginia (according to a major article in today's LJ-World).

Chip: "I'd like to paranormally investigate the local sorority houses using a special hands-on method that requires me to feel the residents to ascertain whether they are nubile flesh and blood, as opposed to bodiless apparations."


The boys love rap music (in fact, Richard performed a special spoken-word selection of Wu Tang Clan lyrics at last night's Eastside talent show), but they rarely see good rap shows in Larryville since there's a better than 60% chance of gunfire at Club Axis these days.

However, an event in KC tonight is bringing good rap to a safe (hipster) atmosphere at the Record Bar as KC rapper Reach hosts the first annual "Pajammy Jam." The idea "originated with House Party 2" and costs five bucks with jammies on, 10 bucks without (Pitch).

Richard: "It's hard to hide a gun in your PJ's. I think this will be a nice time."

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the return of nubile said...

Nicely done. And how do we sign up for this paranormal hunt?