Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Hip Hop Takeover" at the Replay!

It's been sort of a slow week in Larryville, with most of the city's progressive citizens spending their time at Liberty Hall viewing and re-viewing Robert Kenner's new documentary Food Inc. Crowds have been applauding at the end of every screening and attempting to memorize the long list of tips offered during the credits, such as "Make sure your local farmer's market accepts food stamps" (a crowd of angry locals is expected to march on Larryville's market this afternoon for an "intervention," although they'll probably still pick up some expensive fresh squash whether or not an accord is reached). Food, Inc is expected to be Liberty's biggest liberal feel-good moneymaker since Al Gore's Unbelievable Truth played there for eight months and everyone went around town congratulating themselves on turning the lights off when they left their rooms.

But for those looking for something else to do tonight, there's a "Hip Hop Takeover" at the Replay, which says "promises to be the hip-hop event of the summer." This unusual show kicks off early, with an evening of DJ's and MC's on the patio, and proceeds well into the night (eventually and frustratingly competing with the Transmittens show across the street at the Jackpot).

Most local rap shows end in gunfire, but this one is expected to draw the same boring white crowd that one usually finds at the Replay, many of whom are especially fond of "nerd-rapper" Greg Enemy (pictured below), whose tune "Fly Ass Glasses" has gotten a lot of recent play on KJHK. Check out this Pitch description of his style:

"...he doles out nuggets of his life story with bell-clear pronunciation and more swagger than dudes three times his size. His heady wordplay name-drops linguist Noam Chomsky and director Wes Anderson while proclaiming himself the "black Jack Kerouac." In his live show, Enemy instructs, "All my people with bad eyesight, put your hands up!" His oversized frames make him look like someone in one of Jamel Shabazz's photos from Brooklyn in the 1980s."

Chip: "This shit sounds fresh! See you on the dance floor."

Richard: "I certainly think it's important for the Replay to broaden its narrow musical scope beyond the usual shoegaze and indie and metal and bluegrass and electro-pop. But I still plan to head across for the 'Mittens gig."

Cl.thier: "I'm doing a cover of 'Fly Ass Glasses' during tomorrow's gig."


be like mike! said...

Gotta love that Spike Lee...thank God he finally brought back Mars Blackmon!

original gangsta said...

I wish more rappers rapped about Chomsky.