Saturday, July 11, 2009

Recent Adventures / The Boys Check In With the City Commission / Also, Zaguar!

While enjoying Cl.thier's smooth grooves at the Yacht Club last night, Richard learned two blog-related things:

1) The LC is now on the NSFW (not safe for work) list at Payless Shoe Headquarters due to its recent topless photo (even though those titties were obviously "artistic" titties which will be hanging on the wall at Wonder Fair tonight).


2) Cl.thier's wife has been angry with Richard for a few months because he is not a "follower" of her family blog (sorry! that problem has been rectified, and I hope your family, in-laws, and friends enjoy the titties and general debauchery here!).


The City Fathers are constantly brainstorming on ways to help the city out of its financial crisis, and one of the new ideas under consideration is some sort of "user fee" system for the public library. The LJ-World weighs in with this witty sentence: "the idea is being greeted a lot like a Dan Brown reading at a Shakespeare conference." But what do the boys think?

Richard: "I favor the idea as long as its carefully implemented, such as charging a small fee to any grown woman who wants to check out one of the Twilight books or to hipsters on their fifth re-reading of Dave Eggers' A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius."

Chip: "I've taken to reading the LJ-World there this week since the damn thing now costs 75 cents. I suppose I'd pay as much as a nickel for the privilege, if need be, and the small fee might even help keep the homeless out."


Tonight's the night, hipsters! Zaguar's collage exhibition at Wonder Fair kicks off (according to the Rangelife Records website) with "beers on ice" and a DJ set by Brendan from Fourth of July (is that Zaguar's brother? it's hard to keep these "hipstars" straight).

We've showcased several of his works this week, and now we'll include Zaguar's description of perhaps the evening's most provocative piece, a collage featuring "Michael Jackson flanked by a phalanx of police officers. Above the image is the headline “P.O.W.”

Zaguar explains: “This was definitely done before Michael Jackson died...I wound up with what I thought was an interesting charged narrative pairing him with that P.O.W. text from a Vietnam-era magazine. It’s got a little ‘with us or against us’ question. Are the cops escorting him because he’s a criminal? Or is it that he needs that type of security because he’s in a ‘sense a prisoner’ of war by being so famous?”

Richard: "I predict Larryville's most intellectual discussion of MJ thus far."

Chip: "Can you promise me that the titty-collage will be on the wall? Because I plan to station myself there and just soak up the art."

In fact, local scenesters might want to make tonight a full evening of gallery-hopping. Henry's upstairs has an opening titled "Good Vibe Mountain," featuring "found object art, photography, xerox transfers, giclee prints, poetry, text messages, modified found objects, and unabashed appropriation."

Chip: "Text messages are not art, unless they are what the kids call 'sexting' messages. I'm so good at sexting it's ridiculous. Here's an example: 'Take ur pantiez off.' Put that on the wall and study it, hipsters."

But that's not all! Well-known Larryville artist Molly Murphy ("When you begin a conversation about Art in Lawrence, it usually doesn't take long before you're talking about Molly Murphy.", has an exhibition at the Hobbs Lofts near Borders.

Here's her picture, in case you haven't hung out with her before at the Pig.

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