Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nightclubs / The French! / And Cute Baby Raccoons!

The boys make sure to read the NY-Times Sunday Style section each week in their continuing efforts to remain relevant and fashionable, and this past week brought an interesting piece called "Drink, Dance, But Don't Say 'Club,'" which points out that the word "club," with its implications of expensive entertainment, has become verboten in today's economy, leading to venues with names like Superdive, which "is pretty much nothing. And nothing is as hot as anything these days."

The following excerpt is especially amusing:

The days are gone when giant clubs had multiple rooms that partygoers could become lost in, some offering kaleidoscopic slide shows, others dungeon motifs. “People are simpler now,” he said. “They don’t feel like losing their friends. That’s what it was all about back then.”

What do the boys think?

Richard: "This isn't strictly true in Larryville. I don't mind losing Chip at all. When we party at the Hawk, sometime he disappears into the Pine Room and I hit the Martini Room and we won't see each other again unless we wake up at the same sorority house the next morning."

The word 'club' remains alive in Lawrence as well, most notably in the 821 Club (formerly Club Axis), which has become the go-to place to get shot on a weekend now that Last Call is gone.

And in an amusing effort to distance themselves from their violent neighbor along Iowa Street, the upscale folks down the road at Wilde's Chateau 24 have added a reassuring message to their own sign, although apparently they don't read the Times' Style Section:


Readers, yesterday was Bastille Day, and when Richard strutted into the Pig's celebration last night he expected nothing less than an amazing spread of French cuisine and a bevy of buxom and horny Frenchwomen, an evening that would no doubt culminate in a menage a trois. Sadly, all he found at 8:00 p.m was a tray with four grapes on it and the usual collection of boring scenesters, much like himself. Richard declared the celebration "the greatest non-event since the Tour of Lawrence Bicycle Street Sprints" a few weeks back and adjourned, along with a local clergywoman, to the home of the Vice President of East Larryville, where they drank beer and discussed city policy: is downtown Larryville primarily a "business" or "entertainment" district?

Oh well. Bastille Day might not have been all it was cracked up to, but another event this week always delivers the hot and steamy goods: tomorrow's sidewalk sale.


What would the LJ-World be without a weekly front-page animal story. Yesterday brought us the inspiring tale of two young raccoons who wound up on a local trash truck but were rescued by an animal control officer using a "lasso tool" and released into the wild.

The story has, of course, inspired a spirited debate in the LJ-World on-line talkbacks regarding the pros and cons of local raccoons. JohnBrown's post serves as a nice reminder that not everybody in Larryville is a hipster. We have farmers here too:

"One way to keep them out of your sweet corn is to plant cucumbers at the base of the corn plants once the corn plants have started to grow. I can't confirm, but I'm told the cucumbers have an odor similar to copperheads, which the raccoons avoid. Let the cukes climb up the corn plants."

Chip: "In Forttt Scottt, we have an easier way to keep them out of our sweet corn: shotguns."

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