Saturday, August 1, 2009

What To Do This Weekend!

Readers, there's more going on in Larryville than just a Sandbar block party. And though these other events are far less likely to get you pleasurably mauled by a cougar reliving her glory days, they all have their merits. Let's take a look.

Townie pick of the weekend: dumpster diving!

Yes, townies love this weekend more than Christmas. With the leases of most of Larryville's ever-nomadic residents expiring yesterday, this is the weekend of the year to find random treasures in neighborhood trashcans. The LJ-World's annual piece on the subject suggests that the pickings may be slimmer this year due to cash-strapped citizens feeling more inclined to hang on to old belongings in these dire economic times, but we suspect that this is typical LJ-World propaganda designed to prevent fights breaking out over that sweetass futon along Tennessee Street and the innumerable broken-down beds used too hard by local sorostitutes. At any rate, there's no way to know for sure what's out there till you're waist-deep in muck! See you in the dumpsters, Eastsiders!

Art picks of the weekend:

Events celebrating the 50th anniversary of former Larryville resident William Burroughs' Naked Lunch kick off tonight with "Naked Leftovers" at Haskell's DotDotDot Artspace. If you survive the stray bullets from the Crosstown Tavern next door, you can see various "paint-covered curiosities" of Burroughs for one night only!

And across town, the Percolator hosts the Social Service League's annual "dime bag" show featuring "grown up drinks and curious artistic mash-ups" costing less than 50 bucks each (but no weed, despite the misleading name). The show is combined this year with a "pancake feed."

Chip: "I hate art, but I love pancakes. Finally, a reason to visit the Percolator."

Kickball event and worthy cause of the weekend:

Finally, the Replay on Sunday will host their second annual party of the season, which also serves as a fundraiser for those injured on the field of battle. Please donate a few bucks to those such as Timmy, who tripped over a pile of discarded PBR cans near second base, and Irving, who nearly asphyxiated himself while running the bases in a stifling Pooh suit.

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