Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Changing Face of Downtown Larryville: Bike Lanes! / Also, Are They Stylish, or Aren't They? (Style Scout Edition)

Larryville has long lagged behind other "progressive" cities in terms of bicycle friendliness, but things are looking up: this summer's renovation of 9th Street brought with it a three block section of bicycle lanes from Indiana to Kentucky Streets.

Chip: "I'd be fine with it if they'd just stay within those three blocks. It's when they feel the need to venture out to other parts of the city that I feel justified in shaking my fist and calling them 'fuckers.'"

As expected, the issue is sparking friendly debate between motorists and bicyclists in the LJ-World talkbacks.

tumbilweed says: "You'd feel differently if you rode a bike, davidsmom. Motorists are a huge problem, if you just look at the attitude you take in your post, you can see why . Learn to share the road. We are not going away."

and gsxr600, representing the motorists, says: "If every street in this town is widened to accommodate a new cycle lane (LMFAO), will cyclists finally gtfo of motorist traffic? Nope.


As both an insightful showcase of what's fashionable at the moment and an often shocking look at the depth of Larryville eccentricity,'s "Style Scout" rarely disappoints. Let's take a look at this week's subjects.

Holly Rowland, 32, is "really into wearing black clothes with red accents, cocktail rings and big sunglasses. For men, I really like when they wear hoodies and short-sleeved T-shirts that are kind of snug." ("Finally, a woman who loves a man in a hoodie!"--Chip). Her fashion influences are Joan and Betty from Mad Men, along with riot girlll bands, and she's often said to resemble "MTV VJ Kennedy, Lisa Loeb or Allison Wolfe from Bratmobile...Tina Fey and the cartoon character Daria." She'd like to see "less drum circles and less sub-par street performing" in Larryville ("That's exactly what I'd like to see less of!"--Chip).

Richard: "She complains too much. When's the last time you stumbled across a drum circle in Larryville, now that Wakarusa's gone? And next month's Busker Festival will bring a range of excellent street performers to town."

Here's Holly (click to enlarge):

Chip: "Wow, apparently a shocking amount of cleavage is back in style. And not a moment too soon, I say! I vote stylish."

Richard: "Agreed. And she does look like Lisa Loeb."

Also profiled is Eric Dobbins, owner of Wonder Fair, member of Asteroid Head Art Club, and guitarist for California Craisins. Dobbins describes his style as "intensely mellow and right on the beat" and "influenced by cartoons, Worlds of Fun, energy fields, and flower patches"

Chip: "Not stylish and why is he pointing at his navel?

Richard: "Because he's a navel-gazer. But I say definitely stylish. This dude is probably banging artsy hipster chicks right and left in the basement of the Casbah while discussing Zaguar's collages."

If you're wondering what Asteroid Head Art Club is all about, Dobbins explains:

"It's a futuristic art club from the past. We meet once a week at the North Lawrence Tennis Club and plan art shows, release zines, and create happenings and gatherings. We give the kids something to be excited about."

They certainly do!


coach finstock said...

If Holly isn't careful, at any moment her boobs are going to do some sub-par street performing. And it appears someone installed a bike lane right down the center of her chest.

As for the second schmuck, who knew that one day, looking like Stiles from Teen Wolf would qualify as "stylish" never even did for Stiles!

Dr. C said...

"Shocking" cleavage is right. When your breasts hang that low and that far apart, what you have isn't cleavage, it's continental drift. What you need is support, woman, or in a couple weeks it'll be head, shoulders, dugs, & toes.

Sorry to be rude, but sometimes you've just gotta tell it like it T-I-Is.

I love cleavage. Real cleavage. And that ain't it.

Dr. C said...

You tell her, Coach. Witty and concise.

continental drift said...

Classic talkback posts, gentlemen.

Anytime you want to write a guest fashion column, let us know!

hot tub time machine said...

Too early to declare this a contender for Best Picture of 2010?

I don't think so.