Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hipster/Old Folks Pick of the Day

Legendary Larryville surf-rock band The Eudoras (who are not from Eudora) reteam at the Replay tonight for an early patio show. In existence off and on since '91, the band members (most of whom still work at Love Garden) claim to have been the very first band to ever play at the Replay. In an interview from a few years back on, they also claim: to have recorded a song with William Burroughs, to have once backed Chuck Berry, and to have never released an album because their magic is "like seeing a unicorn" and can't be captured on record.

Presumably the show will end earlier than usual, since Love Garden takes on Jazzhaus at 9:00 in the kickball "game of the week." These teams' businesses, of course, have long been neighbors, but (as we've reported) Love Garden will soon abandon the 900 block of Mass. for new digs. Here's the full info from a poster on the door which includes a cat shooting lasers from its eyes (thanks to the Pitch for the photo):

In related news, long-time Love Garden employee and Eudoras member Jon Harrison (otherwise known as that tall bald dude you see at every rock show) recently shut down his fine, long-running local music blog ( due to fear that the MP3's he posted were being snagged and used for ringtones in ways the bands would not approve of. Check out his recent description of local hipster heroes Rooftop Vigilantes:

"Presently, these nascent sots commenced flailing about in a most ungainly fashion, creating a din that, while interesting, had me wondering exactly what the hell distinguished them from any number of neo-Killed By Death bands that seem to be breeding like rabbits across our great land, occasionally releasing a 45 of interest. Gradually I began picking out elements that made it seem something interesting was afoot."

Anyone wanting descriptions of local bands these days is forced to turn either to (which rarely bothers to write descriptions of the numerous bands that play here each night) or to this blog, where Chip usually describes the sound of all local bands as "simply awful."

Chip: "Who would want a Rooftop Vigilantes ringtone? They sound simply awful."

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