Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sidewalk Sale: Live Coverage!

Readers, it's the greatest day of the year in Larryville, and we're taking a cue from the LJ-World website and reporting live from the middle of the Sidewalk Sale, where Chip is currently fighting two cougars for possession of a "Reesing is a hilf" t-shirt from Joe College (we don't know what a "hilf" is, but Chip WILL get that shirt!).

If the LJ-World's "breaking news" feed isn't enough for you today, we also recommend the twitter feed at, where posts like this are emerging at a fast pace: - Live bees at Anthony's Beehive booth. #swsale

Holy shit! We're off to get some bees!

But make sure to check out one other bit of sidewalk sale related journalism today. LC-favorite Katy Seib.l, well on her way to becoming Larryville's own Zooey Deschanael-style hipster "It" girl, has an article on in which she previews today's sale and presents a lot of cute pictures of herself wearing items from downtown establishments, such as this shot from Sunflower Outdoor and Bike:

Chip: "I'd like to have a vigorous workout with this girl, if you catch my meaning. She'd definitely need a helmet!"

Richard: "He's referring to a bicycle race! He really is. Seriously, Katy. We love your work. Keep it up."

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