Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fashion, Reality Shows, Celebrity Auction, Sports!

Our weekly visit with Katy Seib.l's fashion blog (www.kansascouture.com) is quickly becoming one of our most popular (and disturbing) features, and one that even occasionally inspires fashion-mavens Beth and Dr. C. to weigh in.

In a recent post, Katy showcases a rather unusual "thrifting" discovery:

"I couldn't resist its rich mustard yellow color and architectural layered panels...If I decide to wear it as a baby doll, I will take it in on the sides."

Chip: "It would be a fun game to lift up each of those panels and see what's behind them, and then try to remember and find it again, kind of like that old "Memory" card game."

Richard: "Chip, I really think that Kansas Couture is a blog designed to inspire serious fashion discussions, rather than innocuous sexual commentary."

Chip: "Maybe so, but she has to know that anything posted on the web runs at least a slight risk of giving someone a boner.

Richard: "Back to fashion, what is a "baby doll" exactly, and is it more fashionable than a romper? And is it disturbing that women are turning men on by dressing like infants?"


Fox's long-awaited reality-show More to Love premieres tonight. The premise is that Luke, a portly fellow, seeks real love among twenty "plus-size" ladies. Creators insist that the show is "empowering" for audiences, who will likely come closer to recognizing themselves in these contestants than in the often unrealistic and glamourous (and thin) participants in similar shows. But will it be empowering for the 19 fat chicks who get publicly rejected by Luke in front of audience of millions? Tune in to find out!


An on-line auction called "Gotta Have It?" is currently offering a series of Madonna's faxed love-letters and naughty answering machine messages, which are expected to sell for up to $40,000 dollars.

Chip: "If I were famous, people would pay top-dollar for transcripts of my 'sexting' messages, many of which are remarkably erotic and detailed, such as 'r u all the way nekkid yet?'"


And, finally, it's Big 12 Football Media Week, which means that Chip will finally get a few serious football stories in his LJ-World to balance out the usual speculations on the Henry boys' future basketball careers. Today's important front-page sports-spread is an article focusing on the resemblance between Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and the lovable little dinosaur called Ducky from Land Before Time. The piece is titled "Ducky? Huh?" with the caption reading "Huskers' Suh a dino dead-ringer." Here we include Suh's picture from the LJ-World along with a picture of Ducky (which the paper neglected to offer despite devoting a full page to this fucking story). Enjoy!


Dr. C said...

A bunch of yes-ladies read her blog. They all loved this dress. I'm glad they did. I can't understand it, myself. I like color as much as the next guy, but this is pretty nasty. And the bright blue zipper? All she needs a big red clown nose and she'll be Primary Jane.

"architectural" is fashion code for concealing the curves of a woman's body, which I'm against.

And maybe I don't know what "baby doll" is--I thought it was lingerie.

chip said...

Maybe she actually IS going to wear this contraption as lingerie. Weird. That barely even gives me a boner.

Mindi said...

I have to admit it, you boys have turned me on to this fashion blog. I enjoy reading it, though I don't always agree with her fashion choices (high wasted jeans and gladiator sandals do no favors for most women, including, I will, say, the author of the fashion blog).

I'm going to go back to my book, now.

oh no she didn't! said...

I actually quite liked the dress (perhaps the contrast between the dress and the red doors?) but was confused by Dr. C's "blue zipper" comment, so I went to the blog...

DEAR GOD! The blue zipper is almost comical, and it's clear that the shape the belt gives the front of the dress turns the back into a shapeless shift of, well, nasty, ill-fitting mustard panels.

And check out today's entry...to me it looks exactly like she spent five minutes putting that "outfit" together. And when are women going to finally realize that those sunglasses were horrid when my mother wore them 35 years ago, and now they're horrid and old? Calling something "vintage" does not make it cool, attractive, or, heaven forbid, "stylish". Most of the time it just means used and then sold because it's ugly or severely outdated.

And Mindi, you're dead on...her "style" of choice recently seems to just entail finding something high-waisted from 1981, slapping a belt around it, putting on a funny hat and sandals, calling everything vintage and then claiming "style". Pleats and pants that end at the meeting of breast and chest aren't attractive. On anyone. Ever. Stop now.

hansel is so hot right now said...

Gosh, you folks do enjoy fashion don't you.

The boys just want to bone the fashionistas!