Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Coverage Continues

The Larryville City Commission does a lot of dumb things (such as domesticating hedgehogs and allowing 'urban chickens'), but last year's decision to move the city's annual fireworks display away from downtown was one of the dumbest. The Commission claimed that the move was due to their fear that people might get drunk and fall in the river, despite the fact that this had never happened during many years of downtown displays (well, the falling in the river part, anyway). Obviously, the decision was a spectacular failure given the fact that most townies never stray from Mass. Street (unless it's to travel one block over to Dempsey's Burger Stand). They certainly never even considered driving five miles to Clinton Park.

So...the fireworks have returned to downtown this year, along with several other events intended to convince people that the Fourth of July is worth going out for, such as the "Tour of Lawrence," a national bicycle race that kicked off last night with a series of "street sprints" that were billed as "fast and furious" but actually contained more dead-time than a soccer match. Even so, thousands turned out for the event, and one hipster apparently got so excited he crawled atop the finish line, perhaps drunk enough to believe he was at an event that was actually exciting (pictured below):

See you at the reopened Gaslight, readers!

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