Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recent Adventures at the Newly Reopened Gaslight Tavern!/ Sunday Kickball Coverage / Plus, Photos of the Week!

Well, another Fourth of July has come and gone, readers, and most townies were certainly glad to have the fireworks back downtown again (aside from the minor irritation that no one bothered to determine in advance if they would actually be visible from the new viewing area in Watson Park). Richard, naturally, opted for his preferred location north of the river, taking in the festivities at the grand re-opening of the Gaslight Tavern, where new owner Outlaw Jake seems to be abandoning the venue's former hippie-hovel vibe and going for more of a redneck atmosphere, with giant Jack Daniels posters and a "bikers welcome" sign out front. Although Richard disapproved of the bright, clean interior ("Ah, what happened to the dank?"), the blackboard walls of the venue's one restroom are a nice touch, with customers encouraged to graffiti them up with sidewalk chalk, resulting in a lot of "Good luck, Jake" salutations and a giant "Fuck.MySister.Com." On its opening weekend, the venue attracted an interesting mix of old rednecks pointing wildly at the explosions in the sky (perhaps thinking they were back in 'Nam), young hippie chicks who seemed scared of the old rednecks, scenesters such as Richard, and a surprising number of women who wouldn't have seemed out of place at Quinton's on a Tuesday (apparently they were both (a) friends with the bartendress and (b) there to score drugs). Richard gives the venue three shitty domestic beers out of four (because that's the daily special) and predicts it will close before autumn when Outlaw Jake gets arrested for something (the guy just looks a little dangerous).


If there's anything more exciting than the usual Sunday kickball games, it's the annual "All-Star" game, happening tonight, in which the most amazing "athletes" from the Jayhawk and Wakarusa conferences do battle for the delight of fans but mostly so the individual players can spend the evening reminiscing about some of the best times of their lives, such as when they got absolutely pie-eyed on PBR and defeated the Pita Pit team!

Chip: "This is just nearly unbelievably sad if you stop to think about it."


The recent Percolator art gallery benefit at the Replay included a photo booth, which captured some remarkable up-close-and-personal views of local hipsters. Thanks to for the photos. We've chosen two for your enjoyment!

Richard: "That's totally the dude from Naomi What!"

Chip: "Are they going to kiss? I think they're going to kiss!"


picky? you betcha! said...

I only hope those two girls kiss if the girl on the right makes out with herself.

feeling generous said...

Even unusual-looking hipsters need love too.

refusing to suspend disbelief said...

Yes, but do said unusual-looking hipsters need to document and then disseminate said attempts at love? No, they do not (I'm looking at you, May's Machete).