Monday, July 27, 2009

Richard Mingles With Larryville's Aging Hipsters / Also, a Transmittens Alert! / And The Boys' Box-Office Report!

At last night's reunion show of several early-to-mid-90's local bands, Richard may have seriously been the youngest hipster in the bar. Mauschovonian Love Beat and Eudoras returned for an evening of old tunes and jokes that were so "inside" that even the insiders had forgotten them long ago. Richard gives it three PBR's (or whatever beer was hip in '92).

Here are a few shots that capture the mood of the evening.

Here we see Mauschovonian Love Beat performing under an Oklahoma sign (for some reason), which collapsed halfway through the evening in a very Spinal Tap-type moment.

And here we see the performances being captured via high-tech, laptop recording technology and good old-fashioned up close photography. Cory Willis, on guitar, looks appropriately bewildered at why anyone would want to remember the evening.

And finally we see a group of old folks (including former Larryville mayor Boog, wearing a Percolator t-shirt exactly like Richard's!) examining and trading some squash and zuchini that they grew in the community garden.


If you missed the amazing recent Transmittens performance at the Replay, several chances remain to catch them in more appropriate late-night hipster venues. This Thursday they'll take the stage at the Jackpot opening for a Brooklyn band with an adorable name of their own: We Are Country Mice.

Take a look at this perfect description of the 'Mittens from a website called A New Band a Day (

"Transmittens is a lovely mind-melting band. Their name and music pops a big, happy, colourful clown's balloon in front of your face, and because of that it's easy to miss the glumly sung lyrics while you're happily running around in the subsequent glitterstorm."


The only thing Americans love more than boy-wizards are farting guinea pigs! Yes, Disney's G-Force (in 3-D!) rocketed to the top of the box-office this weekend, easily besting both the newest Potter film and the raunchy rom-com The Ugly Truth (discussed here last Friday). Did the boys love G-Force as much as the rest of the country?

Chip: "In addition to the 3-D, I think they should have also brought back the old 'Smell-O-Vision' gimmick where kids could actually get a whiff of the guinea pig farts. People would love it!"

Richard: "I saw The Hurt Locker instead."

Chip: "Never heard of it. Unless a film has some hilarious rodents in it, I find it hard to care."


compassionate said...

Just commenting so you know someone is out here...

unicorn porn makes me horny! said...

I would comment, but I think my hatred of all things Transmittens is wearing a little thin in the comment section.

"Glitterstorm"? Sheesh.

insecure writers said...

Thanks. We thrive with an audience!