Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Photo Blog (Street Preachers and Builders and Butchers) / PLUS, The Boys' Hollywood Report

Chip has often spoke of the "Godlessness" of Larryville, and last night an old-fashioned street preacher arrived on the downtown scene determined to make the hipsters something besides the greatness of the latest Grizzly Bear record.

Stationing himself just across the street from the Replay ("Appropriate."--Chip), he shouted his message while things went on more-or-less as normal inside that unholy venue. However, perhaps the message of peace and togetherness rubbed off a bit after all, for here we see a hipster joining forces with a hippie chick and a cowboy (and since when do hipsters play banjoes?):

The headlining act on this night was Portland's The Builders and the Butchers, who opened a treasure chest at the foot of the stage and encouraged fans to grab one of the noisemakers therein and bang along with the band (a gimmick Cl.thier is expected to "borrow" for his next Yacht Club show). A few young fans complied, while the aging hipsters in the back stood silently, shaking their heads and wanting their bar back. Thanks to Eudora's Eggman for this fine photo:


The success of Judd Apatow's ultra-raunchy "bromances" insured that it was only a matter of time before the usually-tame chick flicks began to up their own level of raunch. Apparently, the time has come with this weekend's The Ugly Truth, a romantic comedy about Katherine Heigl's Abby, despite herself, falling for the chauvinistic correspondent on her morning show.

The film is written by women but is being lambasted by many critics for its insulting portrayals of the fairer sex: "The Ugly Truth seems strangely intent on setting the women's movement back three or four decades," says The Miama Herald's Rene Rodriguez, while the Huffington Post says that it's "riddled with clich├ęs about competent women and how they are all control freaks, have cats, wear ponytails, wear comfortable clothes, don't masturbate, etc." ("Sounds truthful," Chip).

The boys do love a good raunchfest, although reviews suggest that even the filth doesn't work: "A scene in which Abby has an accidental orgasm during a dinner with her bosses just falls flat." (AP).

Chip: "Oh, come on, critics! Accidental orgasms are always funny. I had one this morning."

Richard: "The scene apparently involves a pair of remote-controlled panties."

Chip: "Didn't we blog about remote-controlled panties, a long while back? I'm fairly certain that we did."


accidental orgasms said...

Is there any other way to get through dinner with your bosses?

typical misandry! said...

You know accidental orgasms might be fun and games for women, but for men, they are serious(ly embarrassing) business. But I guess it's too much to ask for a little empathy from a bunch of women who believe that all men are so single-minded as to want to shoot our load all over the insides of our corduroys standing in line at the post office, unusually aroused by the missed button on the older gal slogging her way through the interminable line snaking through the door.

Chip said...

Yes, that's exactly what happened to me this morning!