Friday, July 17, 2009

"So there I was....balls deep!" / Also, This Week In Local Sports

Those "in the know" will recognize this post's title as the new call-and-response catchphrase of one Mr. Victor Continental, Larryville's Lord of Lechery, who will return to Liberty Hall this weekend for two shows. If the LC came to life in a burst of hit-and-miss sketches, musical numbers, and foul-mouthed sock puppets, it would look a lot like Victor's show (although our work here is often funnier).

Victor lost his hipster-cache long ago (he's lasted a decade, and nothing lasts a decade in the eyes of hipsters). But his shows still attract sold-out crowds of townies and theatre-geeks, leaving the true hipsters to make the trek over to KC for the Fringe Festival, which features events such as "Lingerie Shop, an adults-only comedy about women in their underwear" (Pitch).

Chip: "Women in their underwear? Maybe hipster-theatre isnt so bad after all."


Bill Mayer's editorial in today's LJ-World is likely to get folks a bit riled up. Much of it is spent making fat jokes regarding Sherron Collins' recent weight issues (he's on the verge of being "fat and sassy," Mayer writes of Collins, who was recently judged to be "18-20 pounds too heavy for maximum efficiency"). But the best lines get saved for last. Mayer writes of the highly-touted Henry brothers:

"Truth is, Self and Co. can field a 10-man crew good enough to make the Final Four without either Henry. Not that these two can’t add a lot, but they’re going to have to earn the playing time they get. Daddy can’t talk them into that."

Almost certainly, this potshot will lead the Henrys to (once again) try to get out of their contract this week, as they do after every negative editorial.

Chip: "First off, we need the Henrys more than anyone has ever needed anything. Second, Collins really could expose himself just as well on the stairs as he could on an elevator. Plus, it's easier to run away on a stairwell."


The anti-hipster said...

Actually, nothing gets cool until it lasts at least ten years. I wish I could make the VC show.

balls deep! said...

We'll drink one for you.