Thursday, July 23, 2009

Possibly the Single Greatest Local Hipster Photo You've Ever Seen! / Plus, the Boys Check In With Style Scout / Hipster Pick of the Day

Readers, we're a little suprised and disappointed that no one paid attention to yesterday's story about local zebra attacks. If an aggressive male zebra runs up and bites you on the ass, don't say the LC didn't try and warn you! And no one bothered to enter our newest "free PBR" contest? Well, that just seems a little lazy on your part, doesn't it?

Still, we believe you'll enjoy today's features.

First off, has a remarkable slideshow up on their site featuring pictures from the recent Kickball All-Star game. Now Richard has taken some heat in the past for his suggestions that the "sport" may not necessarily require magnificent displays of athleticism, but maybe he's been wrong all along (click to enlarge for the full effect!)

Obviously, this gal is an athlete! (and be sure to note her "Punk Fucking Rock" t-shirt. Get it? PBR!).


The boys love to check in with Style Scout each week and are rarely disappointed. Profiled this week is Katie, a 28 year old local graphic designer who lists her fashion influences as "1970s kitsch, anime, Sailor Moon, Blythe dolls and big 1970s country hair." Katie describes her look as "Country lolita with a little bit of Neil Young." Have a look:

Chip: "She's far too old to be a 'nymphet' but I suppose I'd still let her call me Humbert Humbert, if that's her thing. She claims to like "overalls with no shirt underneath on the right person," so I've got that going for me, since that's what I usually wear in Forttt Scottt."

Richard: "She has a tattoo of a unicorn on her arm, which I've learned is often a sign that a girl is a little weird."


Portland-based buzz band The Builders and the Butchers head back to Larryville tonight for a rare early Thursday show at the Replay and Richard is expected to be reporting live from the scene. One writer describe them as follows:

"...a B&B live show resembles something of a fun and in-your-face baroque folk marching band, while they are notorious for enlisting friends and random people in the crowd to play extra shakers, tambourines, washboards, and little drums. Regularly, you’ll find front man, Ryan Sollee, stomping around the stage, earnestly singing, sometimes yelling, and occasionally blowing on an old bullhorn – assumably more for aesthetics than sound."

Richard: "I hope I get to play some little drums!"


obviously needs to pay more attention said...

Free PBR? I'm normally all over that shit. One day I'm actually gonna make it back to Lawrence, go to the replay, and get blitzed on free PBRs.

Somebody stop me before I make out with any hairy athlete chicks, though.

traffic cop said...

The problem with yesterday was that we were all following the zebra story on Facebook. The only one who can compete with Nog is . . . Nog.

(clothes) watcher said...

I gotta say this is a much better outfit for our fashionista.

It has color contrast, pattern contrast, and texture contrast.

And it's more dynamic. You see this girl walking down the street, and you're gonna pay attention. Skirt swishing and bosom bouncing are guaranteed to get my attention.

I'd say more, but I suspect she reads this blog.

scenester said...

To the first poster: making out with a hairy athletic chick is just part of the "new" Replay experience.

Second: the local authorities STILL haven't figured out whose zebras attacked the guy! (apparently there are more zebra owners around than one might expect).

Third: NO ONE reads this blog! But I wish Katy Seib.l did!

SEO monster said...

The most common word on The Larryville Chronicles: Plus!

second most common said...


where did "nubile" go? said...

I miss that word so much.