Friday, October 17, 2008

Tonight in Local Art! / Plus, Chip's Weekend Plea!

Hipsters may prefer Wonder Fair Art Gallery, but freaks, hoboes, and EastSiders love the Percolator, which follows up its awe-inspiring "Clouds Are Easy to Love" exhibit with a new photography exhibit called "Recent Shootings," which opens tonight. The LJ-World says: "Deman's disconcerting images spark reminders that recall the viewer's own, unrelated experiences, whereas Marable works as a documentarian, honoring the mundanity of meals and their genteel culture before consumption. In contrast, vonHolten's images quietly explore the After and what is left once the dust has settled."

Chip: "So it says here that Deman's work will make me recall my own 'unrelated experiences?" This 'artist' is going to take credit for whatever I'm thinking of while looking at the work (and I will probably be thinking of Quinton's waitresses). Something about this scares me. I don't want my thoughts getting tangled up in art."

Richard: "I wish I were already teaching my consumer culture course. I'd send the students out into this dark alley to look at the work of Marable and vonHolten and ask questions of the artists, who would probably be too drunk on cheap, art-opening wine to answer their questions. Still, I think it would teach them a valuable lesson...about how most artists are drunks."


Chip: "It's come to my attention that a new movie called W. opens this weekend. Once again, Hollywood seeks to inject 'thought' into entertainment. Try to avoid it, folks. Beverly Hills Chihuaha is still funny three weeks in a row, let me assure you. I plan to see it again tomorrow to make myself feel better after KU loses to Oklahoma."

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