Sunday, October 19, 2008

Readers Love Taking Our Polls! / Plus, More Fan Reviews Are In!

We're all a bit tired of the media's incessant political poll coverage right now, so let's spend today examining the current results of the LC's non-political poll, which you can see to your left. First off, we have nine voters, which means at least nine people are paying attention! Very good! And thanks for voting! But what do your votes mean? Let's start with the one vote for "more curse words." It's a safe bet that this is a sincere vote from a reader who is even now chuckling at the sexual innuendo in the title of this post (haha...poll=pole=cock!) and enjoys our stories about KU's "rip his fucking head" chant and tales of the boys being "out chasing pussy." And who doesn't enjoy these things? So why aren't there more votes for that option? Probably because it's almost a given that such stories will continue here. Hell fucking yes, they will. And what about the single vote for more "sophisticated cultural commentary?" Likely it's an ironic vote. Anyone looking for sophisticated cultural commentary here should take into account that the boys spent a full hour at Quinton's this past Tuesday discussing the preferred brands of skoal and chewing tobacco in their respective hometowns (Romance goes for Kodiak; Forttt Scottt chews nothing but Red Man!). The current winner of the poll is "more stories about cute animals," and once again we detect a certain amount of irony here. If you really want to see a "Mexican dancing cat," Youtube is a far better option. We just can't match it. But at least one of the votes here may be real, a reader reaching out to us, someone who's simply tired of our culture's perpetual snarky attitude and would rather see a fluffy little puppy. We'll try to oblige you on occasion, gentle reader, with something sincere. And holding strong in second place is "more shirtless pictures of Chip and Richard." Our assumption is that these votes are serious, as the boys do indeed have impressive physiques. Who has the hairier chest? There's still time to find out, if you really want to know.


Some recent thoughts on the LC (mostly):

Reverend H: "I saw something on there once that made me laugh."

King Tosser: "Too much art for my taste."

Cl.thier: "Whenever I spot a "Chipnote" in the text, I get very excited, because I know it's going to be something important."'

Richard: "I'm starting to think I'm not going to get a book deal out of this thing."

Chip: "It's well-written, but I wish I wasn't a part of it."

Barton Fink: "I tried to show you something beautiful. Something that was about all of us."


Five of those votes are from me! said...

And, I hafta admit -- I was going for the duckies and bunnies everytime...

--Except for that one freak time I did it on my phone and it registered for cursing!

PS -- do you realize the amount of effort it takes to find five different computers just to eff with the pollsters!

PPS -- Actually I just went to the computer lab and switched computers each time!

voter fraud! said...

This is just not right!

The LC is all about fairness and accuracy!

Last night we spotted Chip naked in South Park, walking a goat.