Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This Week in Local News: Let's Go Shopping...On the Northside!? / Plus, Abe and Jake's Becomes the Epicenter of Local Political Discussion?

A new development company is hoping to turn 20 acres in North Lawrence around Johnny's Tavern into a major riverside shopping and dining destination area. Are the boys excited?

Chip: "First of all, anybody going to North Lawrence has a one in six chance of getting stabbed. Second of all, the river smells funny and most of the fish in it mysteriously have three eyes."

Richard: "This sounds like a low-rent version of San Antonio's "Riverwalk" or Little Rock's "River Market." But I'm sad that the Gaslight won't be around to benefit from this revitalization and I refuse to go back to the area unless a comparably shady and locally-owned dive opens for business there."


Abe and Jake's Landing drew a crowd of over 200 for their first debate-watch party and hope to repeat the feat again for tonight's town-hall format debate. (Nader's speech there on Thursday is expected to draw 11 folks who want to know his thoughts on local transit).

Chip: "I go for the politics, but I stay for the grinding."

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