Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coming Up This Week: Ralph Nader at...Abe and Jake's? / Plus, Richard's Hipster Pick of the Night (for people too cool to go the Paw show)

Every four years, a small (but still frighteningly significant) group of Larryville "progressives" convince themselves that voting for Nader accomplishes something, and they rush to the polls to support their man. This week, Nader is expected to make one of his occasional stops in town: at 6:30 on Thursday at Abe and Jake's.

Richard: "I think for all practical purposes he's stopped campaigning altogether and is just speaking in locations where he can dance with slutty 'activists.' "

Chip: "I'll support any candidate who speaks at Abe and Jake's."


For those of us too cool to wax nostalgic over PAW tonight, the Love Garden steps in with a free show (and art exhibit) featuring a band called Expo '70, known for "an expansive array of soundscapes and drones inspired by many early gurus of experimental music from around the world" which "have drawn comparisons to early Krautrock and Kosmiche bands from the '70s" (

Richard: "I thought I was somewhat hip, but I have no fucking idea what a Kosmiche band is. Rest assured, however, that I will begin researching this matter right now and, by the next time you see me, Kosmiche bands will be the ONLY thing I listen to."


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Seriously?! Not to label myself one of those Larryville progressives, but I LOVE Ralph Nader. I went to the Nader rally in NYC in 2000 and it had some of the best live music I've ever seen.


faithful reporter said...

So says today's LJ-World. But there's no mention of music or other festivities. I assume Nader will just do some grinding with whatever DJ is on hand that night.

Anonymous said...

kosmische = krautrock disco!

--The things you can learn from watching Zohan!

Anonymous said...

Also --

For you BEEP BOP CLICK music weirdos -- like Kip -- On Nick and Norah's infinite yada yada soundtrack -- there is a great new Mark Mothersbaugh song dedicated to them done in almost the exact same style as the Ping Island! track from The Life Aquatic!

It's essentially music made with an Atari, Commodore 64 and half of a working Casio 'keytar.'

--Kip should be in ejaculatory paradise!

Anonymous said...


I'm typing this during church as Lew's sermons bore the squa out of me.

--I miss Luckey

zissou said...

"Son of a bitch, I hate these dolphins!"

t.a.t.u. you said...

Kosmiche - I just assumed it was some cross between "cosmic" and "pastiche" with a little Russian flare thrown in!

So, imagine something along the lines of T.A.T.U. singing Janis Joplin songs!