Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! / Plus, The Boys Country Corner

Which personas will the boys adopt tonight:

Sugar Dick, the pimp?

Cowboy Rick, the hick?

Chip, the sad clown:

Richard, the flying ace?

Or just plain old Dick, the blogger, who hopes to take incriminating Halloween pictures of his faithful readers and embarrass them mercilessly for months to come?

We'll see...


Oddly enough, Toby Keith, despite his vast importance to country music and American patriotism in general, has not made an appearance yet in the boys' Country Corner series.

Let's change that. His new album contains a song with a title alone worthy of much discussion. It's called "Missin' Me Some You."

Chip: "He's definitely captured the idiom of the redneck here. This grammatical structure, which adds a completely irrelevant personal pronoun, is something I hear quite often in Rusty's Saloon, usually in the context of 'I need me some pussy!' Keith's application of the phrasing to a tender love ballad is clever to say the least."

Richard: "Yes, he nails the neediness of a certain kind of male redneck, the kind who is deep-down as sensitive as he is illiterate."


Sooner Fan! said...

I love me some Toby Keith!

toby keith said...

I'll kick me some terrorist ass (with me boot!).

Mindi said...

"Pimps do not commit suicide"

Correct me if I'm wrong (as I'm sure people will), but was the pimp pose actually on a Halloween? For some reason, I don't think it was.

southland tales said...

Wow, good reference, Red! But are you questioning the accuracy of the LC?!

(you're right: that was N-Fest at Louise's...perhaps even N-Fest XXX, the best one!).