Friday, October 24, 2008

The Boys' Favorite Recipes, Vol. I / Plus, KU Gets a New Chant/ Also, This Weekend in Local Art / And Richard is Attacked By Zombies!

Richard: "By popular demand, here is my recipe for apple-butter. I recommend you slather it all over a Quinton's waitress and lick it off. Reeeeaaal slow. You'll enjoy it nearly as much as she does."

Put 3 quarts of apples, sliced thin, in a crock pot and cook overnight on high. Next morning, add 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 3 cups sugar, 1/2 teaspoon cloves. Cook all day on low. Tastes like old-fashioned apple butter that is cooked in copper kettle.
You can use applesauce if you do not have time to prepare the apples. The crock pot makes it possible for apples to cook a long time without being stirred.


After numerous committee meetings, on-line voting, and a full-page ad in the UDK, the university has a new kick-off slogan that is far more creative than the vulgar line borrowed from The Waterboy. The new slogan: "Kaaaay (kick) youuuuu." Do the boys like it?

Richard: "It's good. But I'm probably still going to yell 'Fuck yeah" after it!"


This weekend brings the Lawrence ArtWalk, a major event where participants can take a self-guided tour of more than 50 galleries and private studios. Maps of the participating galleries are available downtown.

Chip: "I always make sure to pick up a map, not because I want to go on the tour, because I assure you I do not, but so I can know where art is at and won't accidentally stumble across it and be startled."


Hordes of undead hipsters, covered in gore and grime, invaded Mass. Street last night for the 2nd Annual Zombie Walk, stopping politely at intersections and posing for photos with hipster friends who weren't quite cool enough to dress like zombies themselves but still wanted to be part of the action. Harbour Lights, where Richard was drinking peacefully at the front window, was viciously attacked but, despite Chip's hopes, we were not flashed and did not see any "hot zombie boobies."

(click photo to enlarge, if you dare!).

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Dr. X remarks said...


Looks like Fatty chocked on a pretzel.

--This is what happens when you die after drinking too much PBR