Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hipster Picks of the Day: Obama-mercial! and Love Garden Halloween Sale / Plus, Who's Who at KU?

If you're a Larryville liberal hipster, you're voting for Obama, you're telling everybody loudly that you're voting for Obama, and you're curious to see his half-hour "infomercial" tonight.

Richard: "I hope he combines his points with some of the usual conventions of the infomercial genre, such as demonstrating how to use a juicer."

Chip: "I wish MY candidate could afford a half-hour infomercial. But all he can afford is 30-second spots during all those 'old-folks' shows on CBS."


If you're downtown this week, Love Garden is even hipper than usual, with each day devoted to a Halloween sale and featuring a special theme, such as 'Warlock Wednesday' and 'Cthulhu Cthursday.' Patrons are encouraged to howl at the cashier to receive special discounts, which involve the rolling of a 12-sided die. Costumes get special treatment as well.

Chip: "The place is weird enough on normal days. It's full of cats, and the hipsters believe that the cats have magical powers. Once I went in looking for the newest Josh Groban CD and everyone snickered."

Richard: "It's probably best to avoid 'Cthulhu Cthursday.' All the Lovecraft-loving freaks from Astro-Kitty Comics will be attracted to the shop that day and they're sort of weird. They always have bits of cereal stuck in their beards."


Who's who at KU? Well, it's fan-favorite and frequent guest star Matt Cl.thier, that's who, at least according to today's UDK, which offers a lengthy profile of his musical tastes and dissertation-writing prowess. In the piece, Cl.thier especially praises the importance of Led Zeppelin on his music career.

Chip: "Dude, he never plays 'Stairway to Heaven' for me, no matter how loud I shout for it while he's trying to play his own songs."

Richard: "When will the UDK profile me and my blog?"

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