Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Boys Wish Happy Birthday to the Fonz! / Plus, Only Five More Days to Save the T! / Also, Hipsters, Sorostitutes, and Zombies!

At the LC, we always celebrate October 30: it's Henry Winker's birthday, and the Fonz has been a major influence on the boys in terms of his fashion sense, philosophy, and way with the ladies. Join them tonight as they discuss their favorite episodes (the Fonz performs in Hamlet!) and attempt to recreate the Fonz's waterski shark-jump by jumping three Prius's on a skateboard! And here's a treat for you readers who miss the boys' old forays into the world of collage: it's a picture of Nog's face on the Fonz: click to enlarge!


In Larryville, there's more talk of saving the T than there is of electing the president. On Saturday, a large contingent of peaceniks, anarchists, and East-siders are staging a 'save the T' parade in which a "festively decorated" bus full of freaks will proceed down Mass. Street followed by a collection of assorted citizens. The parade is slated to stop for a 15 minute interval at 9th and Mass. so its participants can stage a "street theater" performance regarding the importance of public transportation.

Chip: "Ah, I'd rather watch an entire Beckett play than 15 minutes of this!"


Apparently hipsters aren't the only ones who love zombies. Retro-loving sorostitutes have embraced them as well: tonight's Neon dance party has a zombie theme. Hipsters, who cannot stand to have their passions co-opted by the culturally inferior, are expected to immmediately transfer their allegiance to another creature...possibly mummies?

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lunch gawker said...

What, no Halloween entry? And just for public knowledge, the waitresses at Quinton's, at least on the lunch shift, we're bedecked in slutty Halloween garb. Rejoice, bread bowlers!