Sunday, October 5, 2008

Richard's Hipster Pick for Monday Night: Matt Cl.thier at Henry's!

Everyone knows that LC fan-favorite Cl.thier plays gigs for the party crowd once a month at the Yacht Club, fearlessly facing down plastered frat boys who either (a) seem puzzled as to why a crooner is playing in the corner while they're trying to get more fucked up, or (b) want to join him on stage for Dave Matthews tunes [or both].

But many don't realize that Cl.thier also graces the stage at more hipster-oriented joints, such as tomorrow at Henry's Upstairs, where he will perform a set consisting of equal parts original tunes and a few well-chosen hipster covers (The Replacements?). All hipsters have a not-so-secret soft spot for sensitive singer-songwriters (a genre they often insist on referring to these days as 'lo-fi bedroom pop'). And Cl.thier's gigs at Henry's come with a guarantee: "If you don't think my songs are at least 10% more sensitive than other sensitive singer-songwriters, I'll give you your money back!*" See you at the show!

[*editor's note: the show is free]


clothier said...

I have arrived - an LC Hipster pick!

Now, if I can only get a "Best of Lawrence" award in "Lo-Fi Bedroom Pop," my Larryville life will be complete!

white owl said...

Once again, I've defeated Chip and Richard in the "best local character" category! They never get to bang the nubile coeds like I do!

cl.thier said...

I would also like to thank the Chronicles for the free advertising! Alas, it appears that paragon of Larryville snobbery,, failed to publish my recently submitted event. Oh well - Larryville's loss!

nog said...

You're welcome. On our best days, we have almost a dozen readers. However, many of them believe that all the events listed on here are made up!