Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Richard's Hipster PIck of the Day/ Plus, Other Cultural Events! / Plus: What in Hell is "Goggling?"

Since our faithful readers apparently have no opinions on the important topic of "Palin porn," we return to local concerns today. The hipster-show of the day is quite obviously Mammoth Life at the Jackpot, described "as a friendly collective of musicians, artists, filmmakers, poets and clothing designers who share a headstrong vision to craft cheery chamber-pop music and inject a little more sunshine into this crazy, crazy life" (

Richard: "At this show, you'll want to talk about other 'musical collectives,' such as the Elephant Six bands and Broken Social Scene, and about how much better Mammoth Life is than all those others put together. Also, you'll want to talk about how today's indie scene has lost all sense of 'fun' in its music and needs more of a return to a pure pop sound, while secretly you're just waiting to get home and spin some Nick Drake on vinyl and think about that cute artsy-looking girl who's standing in front of you right now and who you should be trying to bang instead of already dreaming about chastisising yourself later for not trying."

Chip: "Filmmakers should make films. Artists should do art. Musicians should sing. Having all these kinds of people on stage at once makes me nervous."


Today also brings the first "Lawrence Originals" food festival, in which a group of locally-owned restaurants will sell their wares in South Park. Chip is expected to bring in a piece of Papa Keno's pizza and find himself banned from the festival.

And on campus today: an event called "Chipocricy." No, it has nothing to do with our friend Chip and his secret attraction to Larrvyille's finer culture while professing a 'down-home' sensibility. Instead, it's a group of "Workers, students & allies... traveling the Midwest, stopping in 8 cities for intensive education and action around the true meaning of the term "sustainable agriculture" and to demand that Chipotle include farmworkers in its vision of "Food With Integrity." (

Richard: "I henceforth refuse to eat at Chipotle until my food is served by a true farmer! Is that what this means? The first step in making a difference may be having a press release that makes sense."


In other (non-local) news, Gmail is instituting a voluntary service called "Goggle," designed to prevent drunken e-mails. The service will require that a user answer a few basic math problems in a short space of time as a test of one's capability to send a rational e-mail.

Chip: "This is going to help me out quite a bit, as I do have a tendency to e-mail women late at night and tell them I want to bone them. But what will save us from drunk-dialing?"

Richard: "It's my understanding that this service is only offered late at night on weekends. But what about when I'm drunk at noon on a Tuesday and I feel the need to e-mail and call my boss an asshole? What will save me then?


i wana fck u said...

"No, it has nothing to do with our friend Chip and his secret attraction to Larrvyille's finer culture while professing a 'down-home' sensibility."

Is Chip secretly the sixth Palin child? He'd make a heckuva VP, that maverick, Chip!

Screw drunk emailing or drunk dialing - drunk TEXTING is the scourge of our times. There needs to be some sort of lock to prevent this: "i wana fck u." Awkward! Just say "No" to drexting.

a team of mavericks! said...

Word on the street is that Chip was spotted at last night's gathering of Democrats at Abe and Jake's, but that he ran like a vampire from a stake when a nice lady tried to pin a Democrat sticker to him!

Mindi said...

I thought about becoming a full-blown vegan, but Chipotle uses butter in their rice, so that was out.

But there no ethical fast food!?

local burger said...

At Local Burger, we treat our animals kindly, and even read them bedtime stories, before we eat them.