Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Boys Recommend Another Out of Town Event! / Plus, More Martini News!

The boys tend to stick close to Larryville (at Quinton's and the Replay), but some out-of-town events are too good to miss, such as this weekend's Cornstock Festival in Garnett, Kansas, which features a "Cornstock Idol" competition and a Miss Cornstock Pageant in addition to concerts and corn-eating.

Richard: "I went to this the first time as a hipster, intending to scoff at the rubes and their country ways, but I found myself seduced by the power and beauty of corn. Highly recommended!"

Chip: "What's a 'corn idol' contest? Are they making false gods out of corn in Garnett? Forttt Scottt will NOT be pleased to hear about this. We still honor the Commandments down there. Some of them, anyway."

Richard: "No, I think it's a singing contest modeled on American Idol. But I'm not sure if all the songs have to be about corn."


Sony DVD is attempting to cash in on the martini craze by releasing a collection of "martini movies," which so far includes mostly 70's crime dramas such as New Centurions and The Anderson Tapes. While these films (and the 70's in general) have no particular connection to martinis, the boys assume it might be fun to get fucked up on martinis and watch the flicks.

Richard: "I'm totally going to use these films as a pick-up line at the Eldridge martini-night: "Baby, I've got the New Centurions 'martini collection' edition back home." If that doesn't impress the ladies, I don't know what will."

Chip: "Yes, ladies get extremely horny at the mere mention of a George C. Scott film. He's the guy that plays Stifler in American Pie, right?"

Richard: "That's Seann William Scott."

Chip: "What? No, I really think you're wrong."


Mindi said...

I'm going to the world's largest corn maze this weekend! No, seriously. I'm hoping to get so lost that by the time I've emerged they've invented technology to write my dissertation for me.

the midwest said...

There's corn in California?

Surely it's not as delicious as ours.

California said...

I don't eat corn.

Maybe they import it from Nebraska....