Saturday, October 18, 2008

The LC Pick of the Day: "Toulouse Latrec's Pencils--A Drawing Club!" at the Jazzhaus!

Here at the LC we strive to keep you up to date with Larryville art news, and here's an event that will let you become a part of the scene yourself! Here's the info from the LJ-World:

"The Jazzhaus is partnering with the Lawrence Art Center to bring the community an opportunity to meet up with other artists and practice life drawing with a twist. The club will meet once a month and each session will feature models in different themed costumes. This month's event will feature models dressed as super heroes and monsters."

Richard: "I'm waiting for the week where they have naked models. Tonight's event will just attract all the geeks who normally hang out down the street at Astro Kitty Comics. And they're probably hoping for hot naked zombie chicks."

Chip: "Larryville is hellbent on turning every citizen into artists and alcoholics. In Forttt Scottt, there's a law against drinking and drawing."

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