Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Football Chant Controversy Continues! / Plus, The Transit Vote Approaches / Also: The Boys Prepare for a Fashion Show!

The athletics department has issued several failed entreaties for students to stop the "Rip his fucking head off" chant that has taken KU football games by storm in recent years. A campus brainstorming session to create a new and less vulgar chant also came up empty-handed. This week Coach himself is expected to address the masses via video at the Colorado game to urge students not to embarrass the college on national television (again). Numerous fans (at least on this day) are expected to follow the advice of their beloved fat man (unless the Hawks lose, in which case they are expected to yell for's head). From his usual gametime perch on the art museum steps, Chip is expected to continue the chant under his breath, as always.


Larryville citizens have no doubt noticed numerous "Vote Yes Transit" signs popping up in yards lately like progressive little toadstools. The vote approaches.

Chip: "Generally, people who own homes do not ride the bus. The bus is for the homeless. Therefore, it's safe to assume that the displayers of these signs are your run-of-the-mill Larryville liberals, and I tend to cross the street when I see the signs for fear one of these folks will rush out and want to discuss the environment or something."

On Friday, the Replay will host its second annual fashion show, in which local designers, artists, and downtown shop workers strut their stuff on a makeshift runway for charity. Will the boys, who have pretty much dressed the same way every day since elementary school, be there?

Richard: "Last year I saw a nearly naked woman get paint splashed on her during an intermission performance-art piece. You bet I'll be there!"

Chip: "The Replay is reputed to be a place where all styles are welcome, but the one time I wore elastic pants down there my lady friends made fun of me."

A shot from last year's show:

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