Friday, October 10, 2008

The Boys' Local Culture Pick of the Day: Bailout Protest!

Sure, there's been a quiet weekly protest of the Iraq War in town every Saturday for years now, but a lot of local citizens feel that Larryville has lost some of its fire and passion lately on the activist front. Tonight, a group will try to rekindle that flame in an early-evening protest of the 700 billion financial bailout plan to be held in the middle of downtown at 9th and Mass. The promoters have issued the following press release:

"As the economic situation worsens and the election approaches, it becomes more critical of us to make the same demand:

No more support for Wall Street!
No more political puppets of the banks!
They all must go!

See ya on Friday! Help spread the word. Bring pots and pans, noisemakers, banners, signs, and your anger. This will hopefully become the first of many such demonstrations in Lawrence."

Richard: "Like most rural folks with a healthy distrust of the government, I've long kept my cash hidden in a sock or buried in a coffee can in my backyard. Still, I've been feeling a little tense lately, so I may show up and vent some frustration by yelling about how the government is a motherfucker."

Chip: "Bring noisemakers? This sounds like a group of children throwing a temper tantrum. I'll bring my anger and chase these folks to a location in which they will not disrupt normal folks who just want to enjoy a peaceful fall evening along Mass. Street."

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