Monday, October 27, 2008

HIpster Pick of the Day: Michael Chabon at KU / Plus, The Boys Look Ahead to Halloween!

Except for Pitchfork music reviews (which they memorize and repeat at the Replay), hipsters don't read very much. Even so, they do keep track of a number of contemporary authors (Jonathan Franzen, Jonathan Lethem, Michael Chabon) largely through NPR interviews. Chabon, speaking on campus tonight, is especially popular with hipsters due to his passionate defense of various genre works, which allows hipsters to justify the fact that they watch nothing but zombie films.

Chip: "All I know about Chabon is that he appeared on The Simpsons last season."

Cl.thier: "If he starts writing poetry, I'll take him seriously. And not a minute before."

Richard: "I don't read anything till Oprah tells me to read it."


With Halloween falling on a Friday, Larryville will surely offer a wealth of opportunities for mischief. Here's what we know so far: Cl.thier's end-of-the-month Yacht Club gig is featuring a maritime theme, and the boys hope the waitresses will be dressed as topless native women. The gig has stiff competition from the Replay, however, which will attempt to lure the hipster crowd with a Hall and Oates cover band ("Haulin' Oats"). Chip will be in his pumpkin patch in Forttt Scottt, but he'll be humming "Private Eyes" and "Maneater" under his breath and secretly wishing he was cool enough to be at the Replay.


cl.thier said...

You better believe it!

cl.thier said...

It appears that I'll have to slip in a Hall & Oates cover into the gig then, doesn't it? Suggestions?

And no Chip, I will NOT sing "Adult Education." It may be one of the worst songs of all time...

"The student body's got a bad reputation / What they need is adult education. / Back to school it's a bad situation, / but what you want is an adult education."

Excuse me while I vomit.

oates said...

Actually, Hall and I are usually available if you'd like us to drop by for a song or two.

Mindi said...

I like Michael Chabon, and saw him speak last year I think, twice. There's something about him....

"I had slept with one man whom I loved, and learned to love another man so much that it would never have occurred to me to want to sleep with him."

I'm going to put that up as a quote on my facebook page.

Hall & Oats - thanks, now I have "Private Eyes" stuck in my head.

Ashley said...

I spent many dark years in life thinking that "Haul & Oates" was actually "Haulin' Oats". I think I liked them more when I thought that was their name.

local hipster said...

Well, the Replay band will bring that mistake to life this weekend! (but will Cl.thier forgive me if I leave his gig early in the name of hipster blogging research?).