Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nog Gives the Replay Pre-Halloween Fashion Show Three-and-a-half PBR's!

Richard: "The Replay fashion shows have officially become a Larryville must-see 'event,' and I declare last night's show a rousing success, mostly because I spent much of it wearing an Eyes Wide Shut-style sex mask! Despite a wild tabletop dance party, however, the evening never quite escalated into a full-on orgy, which could have earned the event an unheard-of 4 PBR rating! Even Chip found himself caught up in the excitement, and here are his top three lines of the evening:

"You all may think I'm kidding, but I'm really, really scared right now."

"That guy is wearing a bolo tie!"

"Tell me what I should do, because I'm almost drunk enough to do anything."

Here's a photo courtesy of our good friend Beth, who seriously considered dancing on a table herself:


Anonymous said...

But was it art?


chip said...

Anything that scares me that much is probably art.

Dr S sez said...

I will pay good American money for pictures of Dancin' Beth!

--I will pay even more for pictures of Beth dancing on Kip's mottled torso!

Anonymous said...

Also: Groovy Humer wishes to learn of goat dancing!

Anonymous said...

it might also interest folks to know that I am currently watching shitty Nic Cage movies from the rooftops in downtown Conway! Drinking Brandy Alexanders. Wondering if Im gonna fall to my untimely end!

--I'm fucking Batman!

the wicker man said...

Nic Cage is at his finest in Wicker Man!