Thursday, April 4, 2013

Obligatory Middle of the Map Fest Blog Post: LFK Goes To KC

As we've made clear, we're not particularly fond of leaving LFK when there's plenty of PBR and art and rock and roll to be found right here.  But if you must venture beyond the borders, this is a good weekend to visit KC for the steadily growing music/film/speaker-forum festival known as Middle of the Map, or #MOTM as the cool kids term it with their hashtags. Plus, this might be one of the last years to experience #MOTM before it blows up into a huge SXSW-style clusterfuck of overhyped shows and intolerable crowds.  As of now, it looks just about right.

Let's highlight a few events that feature LFK bands.

You can see our poppy friends in Hidden PIctures tonight.  Here is the FB event page for the Golden Sounds Record showcase.

On Friday, our friends in Cowboy Indian Bear have a prestigious gig on the Grizzly Bear bill at the Uptown.  Oh, this will go straight to their heads!

On Saturday, I Heart Local Music has a special afternoon showcase at the Record Bar featuring Oils, Y(our) Fri(end), The Capsules (remember The Capsules? awesome), and The Sluts.  Visit the FB event page here .

Sadly, our proposal for a special Larryville Chronicles stage, complete with inflatable boners and a reunion show by Transmittens, was reject by the festival this year.

Visit the official MOTM site here and plan accordingly.   Or just stay in LFK and watch a band called Grizzly J Berry at the Replay on Friday.

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