Thursday, April 1, 2010

Style Scout / Hipster of the Week

Today's Style Scout marks the last Scouting excursion of our favorite Scouter, Katy Seib.l, and introduces us to Mr. Zeke Westerman, 22, who hails from...Chanute, Kansas!

Zeke wants to see "more guys dressing up when they go out on dates with their girlfriends. The girl always look so cute in her little black dress and heels, and the guy will be wearing khakis, a polo and Sperry Top-Siders. Guys in Lawrence don’t know how to dress up..."

Chip: "But I look good in my khakis and polo and Top-Siders."

Richard: "I've said it before and I'll say it again. Little black dress = instant boner."

Meet Zeke. Ladies, is he fashionable, or isn't he?

Capt. Chanute: "We used to beat this kid up on a near-daily basis back in Chanute."


Last week's first "Hipster of the Week" column focused on Gavon Laess.g, of, and his penchant for shirtless photos of himself.

This week brings us "Scary Manilow," Replay bartender and frontman for local psychobilly outfit The Spook Lights.

In an interview with Nick Spac.k in the Pitch, Rob discusses how he earns a little extra cash:

"When I'm not flexing my bartending muscles, I'm sacrificing my health for science at the Quintiles Clinical Research facility. For the past fourteen and a half years, Quintiles has afforded me the luxury of pursuing a more worldly lifestyle. In exchange for my blood, urine, sweat, feces, spare time, free will, and preference for a regular, balanced diet, Quintiles grants me a check (or "honorarium" as they call it-- how noble!) to the tune of $175 dollars a day... sometimes more!"

Scary, you have served us all some delicious PBR's, and we're delighted to feature you as our hipster of the week!

Here's Scary pictured with Curvacia Vavoom:


true story. said...

Wow, Style Scout(ed) looks like Puck from The Real World, if Puck hated himself and purposefully dressed himself like a douchebag in hopes of fulfilling his masochistic desires to relive the fetishized beatings of his youth in Chanute.

beth said...

So wait, this dude is going to b e the new style scout?

job opening! said...

No, he's just one of the Scouted.

But Katy is apparently leaving her post as one of the Scouters.

Beth, you would be an excellent Scouter. Please move back to Larryville, posthaste!

Capt. Chanute said...

I love it that everyone beat me to the punch (you can giggle, that's a pun) on talking about this kid. His hatred of polos and top-siders clearly hearken back to the most recent ass-kicking I gave him wearing just such attire. "So many things are in style right now from ’90s prep to grunge," quotes the down-trodden dicknose, in between kicks to the ribs. I shout, 80's prep rules, homo! And kick him again.
Maybe some kicks dislodged his neural circuits (or maybe he really is a 'fucking retard'), because he is contradictory in the same breath as he is reflective. He reports, "It really bugs me when people don’t dress appropriately for the weather...People are so quick to judge others, they don’t take the time to look at what they’re wearing. I don’t really know who has the authority to say what looks good and what doesn’t." Who the fuck is this guy? Tim Gunn?
Anyways, I won't comment so much on his clothing, but his appearance is rather disheveled, malnourished and pallid, kind of like Morrissey. And his coiffure, pretty fuckin cool. I give this kid a thumbs up. In style. Chances are, I will still beat his fucking pussy-ass next time I see him, but with deference and reverence.

You know the name! said...

Lord, I am so happy that there is someone to continue on with my errant vulgarity while I am away on spiritual matters and fact-finding missions.

--Dr. X