Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Richard Mingles With Larryville's Geeks and Stoners at the Adult Swim Block Party / Lost Fans Speak!

Readers, the boys love getting baked and watching late-night cartoons on Adult Swim as much as the next unemployed slacker (or "self-employed contractor," as we prefer to be called). But we weren't overly impressed with last night's Adult Swim Block Party in downtown Larryville (which conveniently arrived just prior to the greatest stoner day of the year: 4-20, dudes!). Lines wrapped around the block for free Adult Swim merchandise and a chance to play games such as "Meatwad Pop" and "Pin the Parts on Carl," but due (we assume) to the inability of Larryville's city fathers to get properly organized for the event in time, there was no alcohol to be enjoyed during these absurd events unless you were one of the lucky twenty-five or so people who were able to squeeze onto the Sandbar's tiny smoking patio. The young stoner crowd didn't seem to mind, but Richard sure did want a nice beer while he mingled with an Easter Bunny wearing a chicken head.

Chip: "I've said it before and I'll say it again. The key to downtown Larryville's survival is to get rid of retail entirely and create a 24-hour dining and entertainment district where patrons are free to drink openly in the streets, a la Bourbon or Beale Street."

Richard: "Agreed. Think of how nice it would be to have a PBR stand at the corner of 9th and Mass on those summer evenings when we get parched on the long walk from the TapRoom to the Replay."


Tonight's Lost is titled "Across the Sea," but the main thing on talkbackers' minds today is not the plot but rather the shock at realizing next week's episode will be the sole rerun of the season.

Crow3711 explains: "I think they are doing it because when they decided to put the Series Finale on a Sunday, they had to decide which Tuesday to skip, and its much better to skip one now, than skip the Tuesday directly before the Sunday Finale. This way there is only 5 days between finale episode and series finale, instead of like 12 days, which is nice. Still sucks major balls they are showing a repeat next week though...what a bummer. Just wanted to make sure everyone here was aware of it so you can be disappointed now instead of next week."

Richard: "Thanks for the heads-up, Crow3711! Also, I totally do not approve of airing the series finale on a different night altogether."

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nuancing the stone(rs) said...

Also, I partially do not disapprove of airing the series finale on a somewhat similar night to some degree.