Friday, April 23, 2010

Party Pics from A. Rusc.n! / The Boys Discover a New Local Hipster Blog!

The boys didn't make it to the recent Gay Pride Prom at Wilde's Chateau but, luckily, A. Rusc.n was on hand snapping pictures. Here's one of them (click to enlarge).

Chip: "I don't know a lot about lesbian sex practices, but I understand that the tongue is one of their primary instruments."


We're always happy to discover local blogs besides our own that "chronicle" Larryville's hipster scene, and one of our recent discoveries is called "Why Are There So Many Records in My Life." It's about one fellow's love affair with music, and most entries are accompanied by a picture of the blogger holding one of his favorite record albums (seriously). Here's an excerpt from his recent post about Record Store Day:

"I woke up bright and early today (9:30! WOW!) and walked down to Love Garden in hopes of snatching up one of the hyper-limited copies of the new Hold Steady record...My eye was caught by this new Pavement best-of, which is an alternate version of the one that was officially released last month. It's got a different tracklist, the “most imaginative” fan submitted tracklist as chosen by the band. I was initially bothered by the absence of super-jams like “Frontwards,” “Gold Soundz,” “Range Life,” and “Summer Babe,” but seeing that it had “Shoot the Singer,” which wasn't on the regular release, it had to be scooped up."

Richard: "I hope to find and interview this guy for the LC."

Visit him here:

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Capt. Chanute said...

Yeah. His blog looks to me like a cry for help from an introverted antisocial hermit that uses buying records as his only interaction with society at large. I suspect this man of multiple homocides as yet unsolved by local authorities. The killings are certainly sinister and ritualized, done in rhythm to the latest record he has purchased, playing softly in the speakers of his death chamber. I might read this...