Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Trends in Larryville Liquor / Photo of the Week / Lost Fanboys Speak Out!

Richard recently joined a few companions on the patio at the Pig, where they were enjoying concoctions of cucumber-infused vodka which Richard sampled but roundly rejected as tasting like a "liquid salad" and "far too healthy-sounding to get me properly hammered."

But apparently such drinks are increasingly popular in Larryville. A piece in today's LJ-World explores the "infusions" of various local venues, focusing on 715 (our new European bistro) and Esquina (our new freaky taco shop) and the Pig (our pretentious old standby).

715 bar owner Margie Hogue says: "Right now, we have a cucumber- and fennel-infused gin, an apricot-infused bourbon, a lemon-infused vodka for some of our citrus drinks, raspberry vodka, lemongrass-infused gin and a garlic- and Calabrian chile-infused vodka for our Bloody Marys."

Pig manager Frank Dorsey says: "I tried a bacon-infused vodka...You cook the bacon and put it in the vodka for, like, three weeks. Then, you have to skim off the fat that congeals and floats to the top."

Chip says: "Right now I've got a jar of tequila on my front porch being infused by a hot dog."


Our picture of the week comes to us from the Pitch's review of last Friday's Taylor Swift show. It's a close-up shot of her crotch during the performance:

Chip: "I just felt a swift movement in my pants, if you catch my pun."


Tonight's Desmond-centric episode of Lost has fanboys besides themselves. Here's our vote for obsessive fanboy comment of the day from AICN:

finky089 says: "Did anyone notice in last week's episode, in the scene when Keamy is in Sun's room telling Omar to get "what's his name" (Mikhail), he says, referring to Mikhail, that he is "Danny's friend". I wonder, could Keamy be talking about Daniel Faraday in this "sideways" timeline? In the "on-Island" timeline, we know Faraday is connected to Widmore through Hawking. And we know that Widmore was connected to Keamy. Seems reasonable that Keamy might know Faraday in the "sideways" timeline."

Richard: "Of COURSE we noticed. It's obvious."


the amazing cucumber! said...

For you gin drinkers, I give you:

Hendrick's Gin


Capt. Chanute, kitchen employee said...

Nice crotch shot. I nearly forgot what I was going to say.
But here it is: as if if weren't bad enough a few years ago when lowly server stock would come frolicking back to the kitchen to ask us kitchen employees to borrow some product. Yes, we all work at this restaurant and no, I don't personally pay for the food. However, I do unload the shit, prepare and stare at it all day while getting order after order shoveled up my ass while you frolic around in a short skirt and low-cut top, giving peek-a-boos and earning tips off my hard work for fucking writing what someone said. That all being said, don't be surprised the next time you come back to the kitchen asking for garlic, onions and BBQ sauce to put in your vodka jars when you get the same response as always: GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

Big Tipper said...

As long as you keep giving the peek-a-boos, we'll keep tipping you and not the kitchen staff. You think we come here for the food?