Monday, April 5, 2010

Morels / Zombies

Readers, it seems like spring has finally sprung in Larryville. The weather is warm. It's opening day for the Royals in KC (Chip: "Just when I think they couldn't suck any worse, they find new ways to suck."). And the delicious morels are ready to be hunted.

Yesterday's LJ-World published a useful piece profiling Larryville's most notable mushroom hunters.

"I'm one of the more prolific mushroom hunters around," says Stan Schneck, quoted in the piece. "I've gotten good enough now that there are 10 mushrooms that I really like to eat."

Honorable Reverend H: "Shneck is a decent mushroom hunter, at best. But Eastside legend Bob Coffman can discover ten new kinds of mushrooms before breakfast, blindfolded."

Richard: "Ten bucks says Krause will be offering morel burgers and morel tacos at his joints within the next two weeks."


Now that a group at KU has begun to take part in the nationwide role-playing game known as "Humans vs. Zombies," you won't have to wait until October's annual "Zombie Walk" to see annoying people dressed as the undead yelling "Brains" at you. The games kicked off over the weekend, but so far KU administration has restricted them to the West Campus and banned Nerf weapons, so that the group "had to resort to socks as its sole weapons." (UDK).

Chip: "How in the fuck can one kill a zombie with a sock?"


Capt. Chanute said...

Stan Schneck has recently been accused of cutting his Senor Stan's salsa with magic mushrooms, much to the dismay of City officials and to the delight of rave-goers needing a spicy snack between songs in the sweaty black-light/glowstick bubble pit at the new Oread hotel.

the Cave said...

I need to witness that underground lair for myself but I'm scared, a little scared.