Thursday, April 22, 2010

Style Scout / Hipster Pick of the Day: Hip-Hop at the Taco Shop!

Both of today's Style Scout subjects are interesting.

First is Haley Trezise, 24, who describes her style as "1950s and 1960s modern housewife," hates wearing a bra, wants to see more "dog-friendly people" in Larryville, and is often told she resembles "Twiggy circa 1967 and a young Meryl Streep."

Richard: "If Larryville gets any more dog-friendly than it is already, we'll elect a dog as mayor."

Then there's J.B. McNerney, who professes himself "a fan of the Euro-mullet" and glow-in-the-dark watches. When asked what he'd like to see more of in Larryville, McNerney says: "I would like to see or meet more people who know/love Karl Pilkington. I will instantly befriend any guy, or immediately propose to any girl who knows what I’m talking about. As for the people that don’t, “get rid of ‘em.”

Richard: "For fuck's sake, McNerney, you're about two years behind the times with Pilkington. I mean, there's an HBO show about the guy now! Get a little more obscure in your hipsterism, why don't you?"

Chip: "This guy should be called McNERDny. Get it?"

Ladies and gents, are they stylish, or aren't they?


Larryville's Esquina has quietly been establishing itself not just as a gourmet taco shop but as a new hipster scene around the restaurant's bar. Tonight's hip-hop set by Richard's former student, Nezbeat, should help solidify the joint's hipster cred. So come and relax with a night of "Black Sugar" (as the evening is termed) while chowing down on a fucking okra taco or something.

Richard: "Nezbeat is 100% awesome and I like to think my class helped him polish his rhymes."


Capt. Chanute said...

I'd bang her. Fashionable.

bra scout said...

Any 24-year old who wants to go without a bra is perfectly welcome to.

White dress. Colorful scarf. Breezy spring fashion. Very nice.

Seriously said...

I am banging her...