Friday, April 9, 2010

Rap Pick of the Weekend!

The weather is fine in Larryville, but you may want to don your bulletproof jacket this weekend because KC rapper Tech N9ne is coming back to town for a show at Liberty Hall (and he's bringing along our personal favorite local rapper, Big Scoob, once again as well!). Expect the gangs from Top City to be out in full force.

According to a piece in today's LJ-World, N9ne is "the most successful independent rapper in the world," wears war paint on-stage, and is popular among Juggalos.

Let's look up some lyrics from his new album. Here's an excerpt from a song called "Killing You," in which N9ne boasts: "I'm a serial killer, when it come to heart break":

"I let em know at the front [I'm a?] lust demon
that wanna be bust kitty,
be rubbin, I love many
They trust me with the cunt,
I thrust plenty...".

Chip: "The phrase 'I thrust plenty' seems like a relatively modest boast for a lust demon."

In this quote from the LJ-World, N9ne explains his new favorite drink:

"I'm going to record a song called "KC Tea" today. It's going to be my new drink. My old drink was Caribou Lou, and that went over well. All over the world, everybody's drinking it. I don't think there will ever be anything that can compete with Caribou Lou, but KC Tea is my new drink. KC Tea is something a lot of white folks don't drink because it has Hennessy. White folks are like, "Oh, I don't drink Hennessy! I drink Jack and Maker's Mark and Jim Beam!" And that's cool, but this tastes like tea. It's Hennessy and Sprite and lemon. It's so beautiful. Caribou Lou is sin. It's Bacardi 151, Malibu rum and pineapple juice."

Richard: "Oh, I don't drink Hennessy."

And here's a picture of Big Scoob:


plagiarism is the new imagination! said...

I believe Tech stole those lyrics from Rhett Miller and the rest of the boys from The Old 97s:

"My name's Stuart Ransom Miller
and I'm a serial lady killer."

I thrust some said...

Big Scoob is the fucking Scoobiest, you.

Capt. Chanute said...

Big Scoob is a fraud. As with all rappers, finding a moniker inevitably requires reaching into the past. However, Scoob looked about 15 years back to Big Daddy Kane--a REAL rapper who had REAL hits and saw REAL success--and found his sidekick Scoob Lover and subsequently stole his most commonly-used self reference. No respect for the Old School.

And Tech N9ne sucks. He's not even worth writing about. So I'll relate a story around him that should make everyone hate him. If we can remember (maybe not, he plays here so often it's as if his 'world tour' consists of the world of Missouri and Kansas) back to 2008, Rap Legend Rakim was slated to play at Liberty. Alongside were Ghostface of WU fame, Brother Ali and a 10-piece jazz ensemble. From the flyer, this was to be the greatest night of hip hop in Lawrence since De La Soul had come to town in 2004. So I watch Ali and Ghost in anticipation of Rakim's set. Come to find, N9ne wouldn't agree to let the hip hop legend headline because it was "his town" (Lawrence is my town, homo. Go back to fuckin Gladstone or wherever it is in KCMO you hail from). Thanks, N9ne, for ruining what could have been a great show. And I hope you took note of 60% of the crowd leaving as your set began and my incessant cursing and raving as I left, completely drunk. You ruined what was to be a very happy drunk and turned it into a raging anger drunk. It's your fault I went home and kicked my dog repeatedly, douche bag.

Eric B said...

Also, that number in his name is very silly!

(good rant, Captain!).

I rap with my balls... against yer ma's ass said...

Crosseyed and shitfaced, this bitch is still not the new bacon.

--And if you ain't the new bacon; you sure as fuck ain't the old bacon.

...Fatty ate much pork, but pork he has not much fucked!