Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Boys Consider the Top Ten Hipster Colleges in America!

Although the LC's first true vulgarian, Dr. X, has mostly ceded his role to Captain Chanute these days, the mysterious professor occasionally resurfaces to send us a useful story, such as the Huffington Post's recent list of the top ten "hipster colleges." Sadly, KU is not on the list. But let's take a look at a few of the ones that made the cut.

Wesleyan is "home to perhaps the country's sole "hipster fraternity," the Eclectic Society, which produced MGMT founders Andrew Van Wyngaren and Ben Goldwasser (above) as well as Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon."

Richard: "I think the primary benefit of being in a hipster frat as opposed to a regular frat would be that the music is better. The downside, however, would be never getting laid."

Then there's Sarah Lawrence, which "is infamous for its annual "sleaze week," during which students can take pornography workshops and attend a "sleaze ball."

Chip: "I have to say I'm intrigued by the idea of a 'pornography workshop,' which sounds very 'hands-on.' I wonder if it would consist primarily of masturbation or if students would also make their own porn?"

The article also offers several intriguing photos, such as this one in which "Hampshire assistant professor Sarah Partan demonstrates her robotic squirrel on campus."

Peruse the full list of hipster schools here:


Who the fuck is CC? said...

And does he sell shitty pizza on a buffet line?

Fuck you, Kip. We continue.

The list impressed me in the fashion that it gave me 9 new places to hate. (Berkley has always been on the list for giving us both hipsters and their smellier, fucknuttier cousin... The fucking hippie-POS. Fucking rodents. I thought they all died at Altamont... Or moved to VT with Ben and/ or Jerry...)

SHUT THE FUCK UP, KIP. I can hear you breathing. It bothers me.

Anyway, hipsters suck. I hate them. And Tina Fey's cleavage on SNL tonight is giving me a wonderful erection chock full of happy fun-time proteins that I would very much enjoy spraying on her funbags.

FUCK YOU, KIP... bitch is mine. Go back to your hole and play with yourself!

--God I hate that fucking guy.

robotic squirrell said...

Is that Dr. X?

Yeah, Tina Fey remains hot, but the perpetual unfunniness of most of SNL kept making me lose my boner.

Nah, I think it's Dr. C said...


I have returned from my sabbatical to run off all the little insalubrious shits who try and offer fair commentary on here without the slightest mention of fuck, fucking, fucking Kip/ Chip/ Mr. Shitty straight up the brown hole.


But, actually, I quite like the Capn Canoe as he most reminds me of myself if I were Captain Kangaroo from Black Dynamite... dealing in hoes and hoes traffic and essentially lifting my glass with the baddest hustlers in town. Shitty!

Anyhow -- I'm sick of all this pansy-assed lookie lookie, shoe crowd crap. I wnna hear about Clothier and how he is getting much laid (well, more that the shoe traffic wants to make him much laid, but his hot wife stops that shit to the quick with her hammer of justice and bitchslapping!), how Kip is a bitch... granted that's still here -- and Harry fucking Lupus.

...Maybe some of that country lyrics bullshit (It makes me much laugh) and Dr. Cs science corner. Because I like science. But no more of this flowery, transmitteny vaginal-play. That shit is there for one and one purpose only -- and that's the stompwagon! I actually have no idea what the antecedent to the stompwagon is in that set of thoughts -- but 9 times out of 10 -- it's Kip's ass (and there's a mudhole at play).

--Now fucking riot! I shall look down upon you ll from my pleasure palace atop the ruins of the fucking Crossing (shithole!)