Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Boys' Consumer Corner Is Back!

If you're anything like the boys, who are "early adapters," you've spent most of your week playing with your new Ipad (Chip: "Is 'playing with your Ipad' a masturbation euphemism?"). Indeed, a piece in Time magazine has nothing but raves for Apple's newest gadget: "I discovered that one doesn't relate to it as a 'tool'; the experience is closer to one's relationship with a person or an animal." (Richard: "I'd totally rather have an Ipad than, say, a cat.").

However, we're not here today to review the Ipad (although we truthfully believe it's rather unecessary), but rather to recommend a new "app" for your Ipad or Iphone or Ipod: the KU app.

In addition to campus news regarding academics and sports, the "app" provides "Beautiful campus photos from KU’s Twitter page and official Flickr page, easily converted into wallpaper." The Twitter page offers important information such as this recent post: "KU alumnus who helped establish hippie commune to revisit campus." And the Flickr page, while nice, is sadly lacking in titillating sorostitute photos or even any from the 2010 "Women of KU" calendar, such as this one of Miss July:

Chip: "That's a John Deere tractor and are you sure this isn't from the Women of K-State calendar?"

Honorable Reverend H: "Two days in a row of crotch shots? Really?"


photoshop! said...

Isn't it great, Reverend?

And is it just me, or does it look like the pasted a strange head on top of that bikini-clad body?

chip said...

I wish the John Deere symbol obscured her face in some unholy (but boner-inducing) merger of woman and tractor.