Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Return of A. Rusc.n's Party Pics!

Well, it seems that you voyeurs out there much prefer to watch than to interact (since no one is present in the comments lately except Richard and the Captain). So let's be lazy today and take a peek at A. Rusc.n's excellent new spread of "party pics" from the recent show by Woods and Real Estate at the Jackpot.

This first photo reveals a common expression made by local women when a hipster tries to kiss them. And that smoochy fellow looks awfully familiar. Is he one of the Rooftop Vigilantes? Or a Replay doorman? Richard isn't observant enough to know for sure, but you'll definitely see that dude if you hang out downtown, and he might try to kiss you. Also, that's Jon Harrison in the background. Hi Jon. Jon always seems like a nice guy. And tall.

Now this next photo is very touching indeed. Here we see a kindly gentleman in a Queen shirt who looks a bit like Corey Feldman offering his friend a sip of his cranberry vodka.

Captain Chanute: "Another, less generous, interpretation is that the drink is probably 'roofied' and these fellows are about to enjoy a little non-consensual romp in the alley behind the bar."


Capt. Chanute said...

That last picture could be the film poster for the modern-day adaptation of "Dream A Little Dream" starring an slightly uglier Corey Feldman look alike and an equally drugged-up Corey Haim look alike. Who knows, maybe we could recruit that creepy peeper Jon and the guy from the local record company (whatever the fuck it's called--he works at Jensen's too) to be supporting cast. I mean, they could just play themselves. Creepster. And other Creepster.

Glad I could be a sole contributor to the blog these past couple days. That means one of a few things: my vulgarity has scared off the rest that came out to play; or, my intellectuality has mesmerized the rest that came out to play; or, nobody came out to play. Because they are involved in a gang bang with the near-lifeless body of the guy in the photo that got roofied.

j.d. ain't got nothing on her! said...

Did someone say Dream A Little Dream? Mmmm....Meredith Salenger:

Jason Robards is dead sexy too!