Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Long-Awaited Return of the Boys' Country Corner / Style Scout / Local Rap

Number one on the country charts this week is Joe Nichols' "Gimme That Girl."

"Gimme the girl thats beautiful,
without a trace of makeup on,
barefoot in the kitchen,
singing her favorite song.
Dancing around like a fool,
starring in her own little show,
gimme the girl the rest of the world,
ain't lucky enough to know."

Dr. Richard: "What at first appears to be a narrator's noble attempt to restore some luster to the image of the 'average' woman soon reveals itself as a rather insidious, sexist endorsement of patriarchal country values at their worst. The 'barefoot in the kitchen' line immediately brings to mind the 'barefoot and pregnant' image of country women who are expected to remain home 'like a fool starring in her own little show' for a jealous husband's amusement: he is glad the 'rest of the world ain't lucky enough to know' his woman,' a clear reference to both her isolation and his contempt for an outside world that has rejected his values in favor of equality and liberation. For my money, this is as powerful a look at female entrapment as Ibsen's A Doll House, maybe moreso. And, despite my terminology, notice that the song's title character is always a 'girl,' never a woman.'"

Chip: "The informality of 'gimme' is itself a clever choice here, representing as it does both the man's sense of selfishness and entitlement as well as the fact that he's a country hick. Am I right?"

The newly-minted Dr. C(l.thier): "In many ways, Nichols' work makes for an interesting pairing with Roethke's poem 'My Last Waltz' in which a young boy 'dances' with a drunken father in the kitchen, oblivious to the abuse that's inherent in their rough-housing. In Nichols' update of these themes, the woman's childlike nature makes for an even more provocative look at how the nature of contemporary family hegemony remains perpetually unclear to those denied a voice. It is significant to note that the 'girl' of the title never speaks, but merely 'sings,' echoing a favorite song. Indeed, her whole life is an 'echo,' a never-ending shout of female oppression."

Dr. X: "Country bitches are old news. I'm headed North, bitches."

Local songstress/scenester (and Harbour Lights regular) Ms. Alison Olassa is Scouted today (while playing accordion on Mass. Street), and her ideas are as interesting and unusual as you'd expect. Alison likes "feathers and garments that are both loose and poofy" and wants to see "more skating rinks, full-size pianos on stage at shows and trapeze schools" in Larryville. People say that Alison looks like "summer sausage but in the winter" and she dresses "like an airline stewardess to help cope with my fear of flying."

Then there's Matthew Baldwin, who claims to have been in a hot dog commercial with Michael Jordan when he was in second grade and describes his style as "pseudo-hipster but more sophisticated and long-lasting." His favorite trends: "V-neck shirts, soft fabrics, pearl snaps, beards and fitted jeans (Levi's low-tapered fit is my favorite). I'm not a fan of restrictive, impractical fashion."

Chip: "If there's anything sophisticated about his look, it's beyond me."

Folks, are they stylish, or aren't they?


Richard and Chip aren't the only "artists" in town seeking to understand hipster culture. Local rapper Spence probes the culture as well in his new tune "All You Hipsters." Watch the teaser trailer for the video here:

We'd love to analyze the lyrics, but we can't locate them as of yet and Spence's new album doesn't "drop" till next week. Stay tuned.


the zipless fuck is the purest thing there is said...

I'd help her with her fear of flying . . .

A Real American Hero said...

Fuck you!

I am a shit fucks worth more loquacious than that!

I shit out that much razzle dazzle in small coiled mounds on yer lawn fuckeriteers! I am more than the sum of my bitches and fucks... I'm also misspellings, and non sequitors and I shit on Kip a lot!

I'm a fucking machine, bitches!!



Well, I still say more than that!

--I'ma gonna fuck up Kip right now! IN MY MIND!

erica jong reference said...

Nice one!

And Dr. X, where ARE you? You should stop in Larryville and fuck Chip up while in transit.

clearly not Dr. X said...

I thought his voice was captured as well as any non-X could hope. Concise, it shared the essential character of his mode without belaboring the point.

And welcome to the new characters Dr. Richard and Dr. C.

A doctor to the North said...

Michigan, bitches!

Tis where I summer.

Actually we had to get the shit down... and I had to get the pad ready IN ADVANCIFUCKIO -word- for the entourage.

So, my shit got Sally, loaded up Rolling Fuck for LD travel and got my ass on the road... for 14 or 15 hrs. There was no pegging to be had when that pussywagon rolled to a stop, let me tell you friend.

I just dropped my ass into a bathtub filled with chocolate pudding and let my shit sleep in til it was time to open up the doors to adventure...


PS... I'll fuck Kip's shit when next I return to Larry's fuck den... IF you mutha fuckers stop running around with guns and texting me about it!