Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Boys Consider the Larryville Luau

Readers, have you heard about the Larryville Luau? If you are not a frat boy or a sorostitute, you probably have not, but yet the event (to be held this Saturday) bills itself as "the first of a series of annual events for everyone in the state of Kansas to gather together and celebrate the upcoming summer." As best as we can tell from our research, the Luau is inspired by the annual "Fake Patty's Day" binge-drinking celebration of Manhattan, Kansas. The Luau will be "headquartered" out of the Barrel House (yes, our dueling piano bar is still open) but numerous other bars will be opening at 9:00 a.m and offering Luau-related drink specials with the evening culminating in a concert at the Granada. According to the event's Facebook page, 8846 guests will be attending the Luau (Richard: "Make that 8847!"), and 10,406 people are "maybe attending."

Chip: "Anything inspired by events in Manhattan, Kansas is immediately questionable in my book, as is anything 'headquartered' out of a fucking piano bar. But I do like the event's catchphrase: 'Come get lei'd.' It sounds to me like it might be a sexual innuendo."

Richard: "My first thought was that the Luau was encouraging pure alcoholic debauchery, but then I noticed this line in parentheses at the bottom of the event's Facebook page: '(The creators of the group do not encourage, advertise, or support, underage, or excessive consumption of alcohol).' I'm sure this is a fine family event for all ages, and I hope to see all of our readers at the bars on Saturday."

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babi guling said...

There's always something happening in Larryville that I'm sad to miss, it seems. Enjoy the party, and do the hula once for me.