Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Last Best Hope? / Art Pick of the Weekend

The basketball season went down in flames. The debate team fizzled out. The football squad is a bunch of Bible-thumpers and, quite possibly, a cult. Perhaps KU's best hope for a little competitive recognition comes now in the unlikely form of the KU duo Casey Brunk and Brittany Love, who recently won the regional championship in "Bud Light's Shoot for the Championship national quarters tournament" for which "they received an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas, where they will be competing for the national championship and the grand prize of $25,000" (UDK).

Chip: "There's so much talk of competitive quarters and beer pong these days that the whole point of the games--which is getting well and truly shitfaced--is sometimes overshadowed."

Best of luck this weekend in Vegas, Casey and Brittany. Do Larryville proud!


You may know Wayne Probst as a local artist, former friend of William S. Burroughs, or simply as that old dude who's always at the Bourgeois Pig. No matter how you know him, you'll want to check out his opening tonight at new local art gallery Invisible Hand (which is just above Esquina, so make sure you enjoy a gourmet taco beforehand, piled high with bewildering ingredients: more octopus, please!). According to, Probst's exhibit, Baby Doll Head, features "70+ baby doll heads in disarray."

Another piece profiles Probst and offers this rundown of the art found at his home:

"¢ Bags full of shredded-up Bibles, as if they're for sale. The label reads "Bible Trash."

¢ A windmill made out of a bicycle.

¢ An orangutan hanging from a tree.

¢ A gravestone that says, "W. Propst. Bull(crap) jokester."

"I'm not really an artist," Propst explains. "The reason I wince at the notion of art is I know some real artists, and I almost feel like I'm disrespecting them to say, 'I'm an artist, too.'"

Chip: "At least he's honest. Also, couldn't he be arrested for cutting up Bibles or murdering an orangutan?"

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unknown factoids said...

Will Prop have any of his "Doug Compton is a Tree Murderer" stickers on display in this gallery housed in a building owned by little Dougie?