Sunday, April 25, 2010

Downtown Larryville Now Has a Pedicab Service!

What luck that yesterday's Larryville Luau happened to coincide with the debut of a new band called Bongotini, which brought a much-needed dose of tropicalia to the Jazzhaus for an older crowd who would have normally been home on a Saturday evening listening to the Retro Cocktail Hour. While Richard (who was busy participating in a conga line at the 'Haus) did not actually visit any of the bars directly connected to the Luau, his experience on the street was that numerous citizens had indeed gotten "lei'd" and sufficiently hammered (but were there upwards of 8000 participants, as Facebook promised? almost certainly not, and none of our "reputable" local news sources bothered to cover the event at all).

At any rate, the subject of this post is not the Luau, but rather the new pedicab service which has finally gotten approval and is now operating at random hours along Mass. Street, providing quick transit (for a buck) between bars for the lazy and the shitfaced. Shane, the sole owner/operator of the rickshaw-like service, says that most of his business so far has been from girls with "6 inch heels and all that" who "don’t want to walk from here to there, but I sure wouldn’t mind pedaling them.” (LJ-World).

Chip: "I'll bet that those girls primarily need a shuttle between Quinton's and Brothers and prefer to pay in blowjobs. may be the smartest guy in town right now."

Richard: "I plan to use the service myself, at least once, just because I want to hop on board when I'm really trashed and yell 'To the Replay, sir, post-haste!'"


Capt. Chanute said...

Why do all these hipsters take jobs that reflect the bottom-of-the-barrel social classes in other countries? PedCabs? Why don't the trustfund babies get real fucking jobs? I'm out here selling my soul to the corporate world to make a buck and they're riding bikes and selling hot dogs and polishing shoes while still occupying a higher tax bracket. Fuck them. Next thing you'll tell me is that Nogs is getting paid to make this blog (and in turn, my gloriously hilarious vulgarity) into a book...

Nogs said...

That's the goal, Captain. But maybe I'll cut you in on the action.