Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo of the Week! / Louise's West vs. SUV / Geek Picks of the Day

Love was in the air at this weekend's Earth Day festivities in South Park as Richard posed with the lovely Miss Lawrence. He professed to be a fan (true), but did not tell her that the photo would almost certainly appear on a blog dedicated to silliness and boner jokes. Let's hope it does not jeopardize her career in any way. Click to enlarge.

Chip: "So, did you have a boner during this picture, or didn't you?"

Richard: "Shut up, Chip! She seemed real sweet."


Louise's West (known to fans such as Cl.thier as simply "the West") is currently closed for repairs after an SUV smashed into the front of the bar this weekend, then sped away from the scene of the accident. Expect to see bevies of confused sorostitutes wandering the streets this week looking for a place to drink their schooners. Luckily, Richard and King Tosser live very close by.

The UDK offers this account, which wins the LC's "No Shit" award for obviousness:

"Although no police statement has been released, bystanders speculated that alcohol was involved, while they shot photos of the caved-in facade with their phones."


It's a great night to be a geek in Larryville. Adult Swim is hosting a block party this evening outside the Sandbar, featuring "Music. Games. Prizes. Free T-shirts. Surprises. Possible clown." (LJ-World). Put on your best Meatwad T-shirt or Space Ghost costume (where is Dr. X when we need him!?), and we'll see you there.

Afterwards, another installment of Super Nerd Night (this one called "Night of the Living Nerds," cleverly equating nerds and zombies, get it?) kicks off at the Jackpot after the Adult Swim festivities. These evenings of role-playing games and video games and comic books and general geekiness are the brainchild of Joel Pfannensti.l, owner of AstroKitty comics, who explains the evenings thusly:

"People really dig having stuff to do while they get their drink on. Plus, it's a very laid-back group, and the Jackpot staff seems to appreciate the non-obnoxious nature of our inebriated nerds." (

Chip: "Inebriated nerds are the worst, the absolute worst, and they always want to talk about LOST."

Here's a photo of the Larryville nerds:


The more things change the more nerds stay the same said...

These look like the same nerds I used to run into in AstroKitty when I had a subscription to The Exterminators. Some of them were my students. If you're gonna spend seven (or more) years in Lawrence, you might as well get a PhD.

With the epidemic of street violence, aren't these guys getting their asses kicked more regularly? Seems pretty bold of them to congregate in public like that.

I'm a Fan, too said...

Plus, way to go, Nog! She looks like a sweet girl. What's next--does she go to the Miss Kansas Pageant, or does she have to become Miss Douglas County first?

The Ghost of Space Ghost said...

I actually soiled that Space Ghost costume much... much beyond reason... for it was often my superhero costume of choice when I went to smack my bitch up!


Seriously, though, you put on the hood and cape and the fake muscles... but leave off the pants -- the bitches think they're getting much lay by a somewhat doughy, hooded He-man.

Which is only further proof that it might be possible to get Kip laid... if you put a bag on his head, sheet around his neck and call him "The Mask-ed Rascal"... with his equally hooded side-kick 'Lil Stumpy'... who for some reason pops out of his Utility Belt... If you catch my meaning.

--Granted, the bitches would probably only wanna dildo him up his phat-ass calling him the bitches... all of which reminds us that The Boondocks return to Adult Swim much soon! Bitches!