Sunday, April 18, 2010

Youth Rebellion on the KC Plaza?

While Larryville has been focused on transients attacking our beloved local brewery, Kansas City has been dealing with a crime wave of its own. Gangs of "unruly youths" (KC-Star) have recently been wreaking havoc on the Plaza, KC's bastion of gentility and overly-expensive dining and shopping.

Let's check out some of the excerpts from the KC-Star's coverage of the matter:

" many as 900 juveniles swarmed the Plaza streets and sidewalks. Police think texting and social media played a role in the wave of youths."

Chip: "I've been saying all along that 'social media' is dangerous. All that 'poking' on Facebook is inevitably going to erupt in real-life violence."

"Youths maliciously pushed a high school student wearing her prom dress into a restaurant patio fountain...Juveniles approached diners on the patio of the Cheescake Factory who had to-go boxes and grabbed the food, tossing the boxes into fountains, police said...Officers blocked streets and used a police helicopter to identify problem areas. Officers emptied several fire-extinguisher-sized pepper spray canisters and more than a dozen hand-held canisters to break up the crowds."

Chip: "I don't think pepper spray is enough. These are obviously feral children who need be rounded up like any other vermin, maybe with large nets."

Richard: "That sounds a bit harsh, but I suppose if that was MY leftover cheesecake being thrown in the fountains, I'd agree 100 percent."

The events on the Plaza are troubling, to be sure, but at least they have sparked a much-needed, intelligent debate about race and class issues in the metro (and, by the way, if you are wondering whether these "unruly youths" are primarily African-American, let us offer two answers (1) yes and (2) yes, you are a racist for wondering). Let's look at some of the incisive comments from the KC-Star talkback:

RayTownJay says: "Typical Mizzou fans."

throwupbreath says: "I blame Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang for this atrocious behavior!"

captainkansas says: "Keanon, your Bill Cosby comment was racist...and should be removed. You should google Hitler's Youth. Then learn about the Reichstag fire (sp) then look up false flag terror events. Quit making smarmy comments about star wars and fat albert and educate yourself. No one thinks you are funny." [sorry, we can't find the comment in question...perhaps it was removed?].

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Capt. Chanute said...

First, captainkansas, you have to pick a town to be from. You can't be captain of the entire state. And second, I find it ironic that he used the word 'smarmy' to talk about goings-on at the CheeseCake people. I see a pattern emerging. I think I'll go buy some PBR and some a stick of butter to munch on and solve this mystery.