Monday, April 12, 2010

The Boys' Consider Campus Protests / The Return of Conan O'Brien

As always, KU's Pride Week culminated last week with the Brown Bag Drag Show at the Union and, as always, there were protests and counterprotests.

In this (tiny) photo, we see two members of the Phelps' clan doing their thing while a student counterprotester hovers nearby with a "Not Fabulous" sign.

Richard: "The perpetual counterprotest against the fear and ignorance of the Phelps' crew is quite touching, but I wish the guy holding the 'Not Fabulous' sign was just a little more...fabulous. He just looks like a dull, run-of-the-mill hippie."

Chip: "Hippies are rarely gay, but sometimes they are polyamorous. Also, that 'Gay Hawk' sign is pretty funny. Let's admit it."


Still on an NBC-ordered exile from television until later this year, Conan O'Brien kicks off a nationwide comedy tour tonight and announced today that he will return to television in November, not on Fox, as expected, but on... TBS. What say the fanboys from the AV Club?

Saucy Jack says: "i hope tyler perry presents this program."

Jorge van Salsa cleverly repeats the TBS catchphrase: "Very funny."

Triumph (appropriating a Conan character) says: "I for one would like to say that TBS IS very funny...FOR ME TO POOP ON!!"

And The Artist Formerly Known as Yeah Avatar. Right says: "...this is really good for Conan, creative freedom-wise. He could do a full week staging Ibsen plays and they'd still keep him on TBS because, who cares, it's not like anyone was watching George Lopez anyway."


Capt. Chanute said...

Eh. Phelps. Thought he had died and gone to hell already.
Oh well. Now for my own piece of journalistic excellence apropos a LJW story:

Today, LJWorld declared "KU grad picks up Pulitzer Prize" in its most passive and blasé headline in...days. The headline, along with various sentence fragments (e.g., "He called her 'wicked smart'") were combined serendipitously by three robins that had made a nest of newspaper detritus in the locking dock of the LJWorld headquarters.
When approached for comment, one robin declined, while a second--seemingly the editor of said publication--held an additional scrap in his beak reading "who also runs marathons." Finally, a third winged journalist dressed in full black attire (out of season I might add), when questioned as to the been-there-done-that tone of the article and its piecemeal and barely comprehensible prose, it declined comment, but dropped a xeroxed name badge of a KU grad student implicated in the spread of the Euro-chic, too-cool, holier-than-thou attitude in the local nest, Brian Flanigan.

LJ-World reporter said...

Typically our headlines choose to focus on the cute animal aspect of any story.